Geetwos Weight Loss Diary

That wasn't too bad though don't think ill get of bed in morning ! Burned a whopping 900 cals in 2 hours though :)

No I don't use mfp I might if I start having issues but the idea of logging everything sounds a bit of a chore, I will do random posts on here about what I'm having :)

if low carb works for you keep at it, if not change :) I think all diets work to an extent but like you said it's about doing what suits your lifestyle, the massive plus for Atkins etc is I'm not hungry although after my workout my tum is rumbling so it's a celery stick with creamy tuna and a small bit of cheese :)
Tonight's dinner is turkey stir fry with mushrooms and pepper :)
Today was a annoying day

The scales show 3 pounds on!!
However after researching this apparently you weigh more for a day or two after you workout so think that it! No other explanation I've been as good as gold

Also I found at the two many sugar free sweet leaves you running for the loo and a angry tummy that won't shut up! I should of remember that from 2002!

Anddd I love sugar free jelly and a tiny dash of cream ! Really cured sweet cravings :)

Hope your all doing well :)
Flaxseed Bread and supmarket Chickens.

Does anyone know if the attached is what I need to make low low carb bread like the things I've watched on YouTube .. I'm so confused !!! :)

Also, today I found out that all main supermarkets out sugar on ALL of their roast / cooked meats like chickens!! I don't know If this is old news but I was surprised and that might explain a few things :)