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I know it shouldn't annoy me as I know sw works BUT I went out for a meal with my fiance and our freind. My fiance knows sw works as he has lost before but our freind kept looking at me while I tucked into my huge steak, salad and small jacket spud and prawn skewer...I said ooooh I love this diet and he turned round and said ' well you won't lose weight eating that much' so I explained how sw works and he just went 'yeah right(!) You won't do it, you are always eating!) Felt like smacking him in the face with my steak, but I didn't want to waste it! Haha it just annoys be. I have lost 2.5 stone , slowly but its coming off, but he sees me everyday (he is our assistant manager)so he can't really tell. I still can't tell I've lost so can't say well obv it works, look at me. Just annoys the hell out of me as I love eating and cooking and even though I know I will lose weight after eating sw chips, beans and egg other people look and think, oh look at fatty eating again! Grrr!!
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I know many "Backseat Dieters".

They tend to say things like "Diets are simple, its about less food and more exercise..." and other golden nuggets of common knowledge.

Have you noticed they are usually overweight as well?
Some people just need a really good slap!! :slap:

I hate having to explain myself, its got to the stage now where I just tell people to google it rather than me wasting my time explaining it!
Take no notice hun, "perfect people" are very rarely that in my experiance and you will have the last laugh. If you see him on a regular basis then fair enough, he might not notice, but there will come a time when he does, and when that time comes, just remember the feeling you have at that precise moment when he asks if youv been loosing weight.


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What an idiot!

Just ignore him and if he offers some more words of 'wisdom', kick him in the shins. Hehehe x
my dad said similar to that at a BBQ ... he sat and watched me eat a huge plate of salad and a piece of chicken and then shouted across the garden in front of the other quests ' I thought you were supposed to be in a diet' .... yeah thanks for the support dad !!!! I got up and left I was so upset cos everyone was just laughing :((( people are soooo insensitive x