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Gained Again


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I have been calorie counting for 2 weeks, I gained the first week, now I have gained 3 lbs this week!! I am definitley eating a lot less than I used to, I just don't understand this at all:mad: So in 2 weeks a gain of 7 lbs:sigh: I was losing more weight when I wasn't counting and weighing! Any ideas why I am eating less but putting on weight?
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Is there any chance you were eating very little when you were losing before? I mean less than 800cals or so? If you were, maybe your body is recovering from starvation mode? Or are you working out a lot more- muscle weighs more than fat? Is it around your totm? What kinds of food are you eating- if you eat a lot of ready-meals/processed foods, they can cause serious water retention? Or maybe theres a medical reason for gaining so quickly? (Pregnancy, thyroid, hormonal etc.?) Thats all I can think of at the minute?...


is going to loose!

I'm not sure on all your circumstances or your current height, exercise routine, weight etc.

But here's a suggestion

1/2 hour walk in the morning before breakfast and the same before dinner OR a gym session daily.

Breakfast - yoghurt and muesli
M Morn - coffee and banana
Lunch - chicken salad or tuna salad or soup and small dinner roll
A snack - mandarin
A snack - coffee with biscuit or low fat WW bar, or an apple, cheese on crackers with some grapes?
Dinner - steak and steamed veg (avoid potato) or fish and veg or veg and tuna bake (no pasta, mix with a pesto and have 1/3 bake and 2/3 salad with it)
Evening snack - tea and nuts.

Aim for 1100 - 1250 cals a day and drink 3 ltrs of water.

No food after 7.15 pm

Hope this helps.



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Hi, thanks for the replies. IrishMum yes I do have an under active thyroid but apparently am stable, had bloods checked about 2 weeks ago.
Bren, thanks for that, I think I do need to up the exercise.


A little of everything!
I have an underactive thyroid too! It's a bit*h sometimes when the weight refuses to shift! But the gain is puzzling? Its quite a lot? I stupidly ate really low-cal when I started this, but I was recovering from bulimia so eating at all & keeping it in was a big step. I lost at first but then it stopped, even though I hadn't done anything different? So after doing a bit of research, I slowly upped my cals to 1200 or so a day. I gained 5lbs or so the first two weeks, but then it started to drop again as my body realised I wasn't starving it and it could let go of the 'eatra' calories instead of storing them for the next 'famine'! LOL! I too need to up my exercise (from 'none' to 'some'! ;P) If its not fluid or muscle, and your bloods are fine, I'd keep positive for another while. If you're still gaining in a week or so I'd go back to the GP and see if theres anything else that might be triggering it?


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Hi there.

I've gained too - but for the simple reason that I have been eating things I shouldn't have!

It's been fun but the time has come to put the brakes on again.

I've kept more than 9 stones of lost surplus off for several years now and while I still need to lose 20lb or so I accept that such a big loss is an achievement and maintaining that loss something to be proud of.

But at times I get absolutely sick of dieting, whether it's calorie counting or low carbing. I won't go back to VLCD-ing cos I know that for me, longer term, it's a waste of time and money. I can't stick to it for long and in any case can't afford it. Worse still I end up feeling ill pretty quickly, so for me personally VLCD-ing is not wise.

Switching from 800-1000 calories, and upping to, say, 1200, can prompt water retention and weight gain at first. Your body needs time to adjust and tends at first to hang onto every calorie cos it thinks you have been starving, perhaps due to famine! It doesn't realise you are eating too little on purpose. It tries to cling to stored fat to keep you alive, just in case the 'famine' should last for weeks or months.

Just keep eating enough, and eating mostly for health, and exercising moderately but regularly. It does work.

Good luck!

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