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Galaxy Ripple...

WI tonight, I'm expecting a decent loss, I've tried so hard. Went to St Andrew's in Scotland for OH Birthday and I was sooo good. I've eaten lots of fresh fish and salad (while he ate high tea which consisted of battered haddock, chips, home made coleslaw, followed by a plateful of different cakes/scones jam, cream etc then a large red to wash it down!) I even ordered water with a slice of lemon in a pub one night - Unheard of!

So, I've left 10 syns so I can reward myself with a lovely well deserved Galaxy Ripple tonight, Mmm can't wait!

I can't believe I've actually had a weekend away without sabotaging my weight loss, a personal hurdle has been officially "jumped".
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Thanks Little Miss! I really hope it does, shouldn't get my hopes up too high should I - We all know what that can do at times!

9 syns in a ripple and worth every one!
wow 9 syns for a choc bar and galaxy worth every syn!!!! im joining again tomorrow been doing it for the past 4 days so hopefully the scales will be a little nice tomorrow for me :-/

post your weigh in and let us know how you've got on

Great news that you're joining, it's the only 'diet' that's ever worked for me and that I can actually stick too. I'm sure the scales won't be too bad but even if it's not great, so what, it's the worst it's ever gonna be!

Yeah Galaxy is my guitly pleasure I'm afraid, it used to be the massive family bars (2 in a row sometimes), now I try to stick to the one ripple and make sure I enjoy every bit.

Will post my WI later x
Well done hun, you should be really really proud of yourself :) ..... I`ve got my sisters birthday coming up and we`re supposed to be going out for a meal .. chinese style .. no idea how i`m going to manage that one :( !!!!!
Thanks Daisy! I had your dilemma not too long ago, I looked on line for the restaurants menu and had a quick look to see if I could actually have anything. The lowest thing I found was steamed salmon on black bean sauce (our C said that black bean is one of the lowest sauces you will find on a chinese menu). You can ask for the sauce on the side so you are in control of what you want to put on. Also, a lot of chinese restaurants do steamed vegetables now. Can you call them beforehand maybe? x
Thanks Victoria :) ... I can`t ring ahead as i`m not sure which one sister is choosing lololol .... But i think i`ll go with a chicken chop suey with noodles it`s 5.5 on EE ... i think i`ll save a up a few syns as well to be on the safe side :)

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