Exante 12 week Journey :-)


Hi to anyone who reads this.

I am writing this to keep myself motivated and somewhere I can look back over during my weight loss journey. I'll try my best to update daily and will always be honest with the highs and the lows.

I did CWP about 10 years ago when I was 19- I lost 4 stone and during my 20s have been up and down like a yo-yo.

Motivation this time - yes there are holidays and weddings this year- but for me its hitting 30 in December. I don't want to have weight issues in my 30s as I have done in my 20s.

So here we go . I've never done Exante but love the variety of products.

I've a few planned days off but because I have planned them in my mind set is to get right back on it the day after- these will be a test of self control though - I don't want to binge on these days, I want to treat them like I am going to treat them once I finish Exante.

I am actually on day 5 as I write this - I started Monday and have lost 9lb in 4 days - I like to weigh everyday in 1st week as motivation and it defo does work.

I am 5ft7 and weighed in at 208lb on Monday - I out on 10lb over Christmas- o well. I do quite a bit of exercise so although I weigh heavy I am a size 14 both top and bottom - can get in to my size 12 jeans but can't breath in them!

So far I love the products - see below what I have eaten

Monday= Beef blackbean, burger mix,cookies and cream bar (was a dream)

Tuesday= Toffee and nut bar - was bland , sausage mix + cheese scones - I also added an egg - was delicious! felt like I had cheated afterwards as didn't feel like a diet meal

Wednesday= Sweet and Sour noodles ( delicious) , pasta carbonara and peanut bar warmed up -as good as a reese cup for me!

Thursday= cherry and almond bar ,Sweet and sour noodles again , exante pizza mix- i added 1 babybel light

Friday- I've just had maple syrup pancakes and OMG they are delicious- feel so naughty having them. I'm going to have the pizza pack again tonight followed by a choc bar so not feeling left out.

I've no plans this weekend that will tempt me to cheat and to be honest I don't feel like I need to as it's not felt like a diet at all this time. My official weigh in is Monday so I'll be happy with getting another pound off and making 10lb in 1 week - fingers crossed.

I'm planning on adding some exercise in this week. I've got Kayla Itness workouts so thats 3 times a week of 28 mins+ I have a treadmill so will do light job for 25 mins 3 times a week so hopefully exercising 6/7 but nothing too mad.

If anyone is on the same journey of me say Hi and we can motivate each other :)

To everyone else - Have a fab weekend and don't let the weekend ruin your weeks hard work!

Hi Fabfor30,

Mind if I hijack your thread?

I've started exante same day as you and I'm also on day 6 today. I have same goals as yours as I'm also looking to shift about 4 stones which I gained in last 3 years making unhealthy food choices and a pregnancy - full of food. I am also turning 30 this year in September and also want to be healthy for when my 6mo is more mobile - so I don't miss out the fun of playing/swimming with her in public without being ashamed of how fatty I look. I've never tried a vlcd so this is my first time.

I'm also size 14 bottom and size 12 top as my height is only 5'2". Same story as yours can squeeze in 12 but if I try to breathe the button fights to break open

I was 100 % till yesterday morning without nibbling on anything but it was hubbys bday yesterday and i had my morning shake and then I was busy working (I work from home since I was 6 month preg and do not plan to go back to 9-5 office job as I do not believe in childcare, I don't want to miss out on any time with my lo. My job is of an web developer and doesn't require me to be in the office so it's a good thing that I won't have to hide my exante packs from fellow workers), shopping and then cooking - I made full meaty pizza and his fav chocolate mouse cake. I made exante pizza for myself with some beef and chicken on top. I had it didn't exactly match with his pizza but I was okay. But after having my pizza I was even more hungry then I was before having the pizza so I attacked onto his pizza and you won't believe I had half of his on top of mine - exante virsion. So my dinner was even bigger than my husbands #Shame ...

After that I had a big chunk of his cake too. So it was a huge slip for me on day 5. But I don't want to make one wrong meal to one whole weekend so since today morning I'm back to plan, had a banana shake for breakfast and heading to have a vanilla shake as we speak.

I weighed myself on Monday and I was 77kg. And haven't weighed in since. Let's see what the scale says on my first weigh in on Monday the 16th.

I currently do not do any exercise and don't have time for it too as I think on 600cals a day it will be too much to work out on job, housework and looking after the needs of a thriving 6mo.

I don't have my own diary yet but I shall visit your thread regularly and I think we both can motivate each other to carry on the plan despite any slip ups or social events.

And yes I've taken your advice on board I won't let the weekend ruin my weeks hard work(with a blip of course..).

Hope you're having a good weekend!!

Hi Fatimah,

I am having a great weekend thanks- a lazy one - I hope you are too!
Not hijacking thread at all - nice to hear someone has started same time as me and has same goals- lets definitely motivate each other - I won't check in every day on this but most days to keep me focused.

Don't worry about your blip- I think sometimes you have to realise that life happens but its realising that 1 slip up can't turn into a whole weekend off which is what you did so be proud of that :) . I'm off to York next Saturday morning until Sunday for a family birthday and know it will be difficult to 100% stick to products but I'm not going to let 1 family meal ruin all my hard work - going to choose low carb options on menu to try and stay in ketosis.

I work from home twice a week and the other 3 times I am in the office but its good because everyone is always on some sort of diet haha.

I'm not going to exercise this coming week but going to introduce some the week after just to tone and it makes me feel good too.

I've weighed every day this week but that's my method of motivation but it is my official one tomorrow and for some reason I feel nervous- from that it will only be a weekly weigh in so I don't become obsessed.

Definitely get a diary set up , I love reading other peoples journeys . Do you have a date in mind of when you want to reach goal? I go on holiday 5th June with another couple (skinny couple) so I am so determined to be 4 stone down by then which I know is totally possible on this diet.

Let me know how you get on with weigh in tomorrow
DAY 7 - day before 1st official weigh in

So I am sat here still in Pjs at 1.20pm- but who cares it is Sunday and OH is having a football Sunday - boring! I'm going to online browse lovely holiday clothes that I can buy once I have lost all of my weight.

I have survived my 1st weekend on exante and I don't feel like I have missed out at all. My friend stayed over Friday night as OH was on a night out and she ordered in a meal from the chippy- I had my exante pizza and a warmed up exante choc bar and felt so proud of myself. I'm not a chippy fan but think it would have been much harder if she was eating cheese and chocolate and drinking wine (my weaknesses).

Saturday I had the maple syrup pancakes - they are delicious - once again like with a lot of the products I am having I don't feel like I am on a diet. I had pizza and bar again later on.

I have had sausage mix and eggs so far today and I am thinking of having the gooey chocolate pudding and either a meal or bar later on- see what I feel like.

I prefer to have 1 product during the day and then 2 of an evening as I am a night eater when watching tv and this is really working for me.
I've added some eggs this week too and its really helped and it isn't affecting my weight loss but will keep an eye on this.

I am still feeling so motivated with this- it's the 1st time I've had no shakes on a diet like this and I truly believe its the best thing for me - in the past some shakes have felt like a chore and have made me gag as I hate milkshakes anyway.

I'll keep you updated with weight loss tomorrow . I'm only doing measurements every 4 weeks so will update 1st and 4 weeks at the time.

Has anyone tried the fajita pack from exante? I'm dying to try them but there expensive.

Anyway, hope everyone has managed to stay on track this weekend and if not don't worry about it just restart tomorrow :)

Hey! This is a great diary so I am also following, I did a full week losing 6lbs but Friday I went away for the weekend so not weighing myself again until next Friday. I wasn't ridiculous but I also wasn't on plan so don't want to demotivate myself by weighing.

I find this extremely hard as I also weigh daily - it's actually what encourages me to get up as I want to see. I only record weight once a week but I find it such a motivator to keep going however I am definitely obsessed and it very much affects my mood at times if it doesn't say what I'd like it to say.

I haven't started a diary yet but might now, currently having my first meal pack of the day. I'm similar to you I have 1 during the day and 2 at night. Additionally I can also work from home regularly so this helps in terms of not getting tempted at work and also not having to listen to people's opinions.

I'm around similar weight height and usually a 12 on my top but a 14 on my bottom and these can also get tight so I have some 16s.
Hi cf70!
Thanks for saying Hi.
Defo keep a diary I'm finding it helps me alot. Well done on your loss that's great -and think of how long that would take to lose on another diet.

Aren't peoples opinions annoying - sometimes I am thinkin "**** off " haha!! their opinions will change when people see me in April and I'm down a few sizes!

Keep me posted on how you get on next weigh in :) x

So I woke up this morning on a day the call "Blue Monday", nervous to weigh myself - gutted I hadn't been the loo properly (sorry for overshare) BUT....... I was down 11.2lb!!!!!!!! taking me to 197.4lb from 208.6lb last week. More like Happy Monday for me as best I have felt in a long time!

I am buzzing and have had a spring in my step all day (until car broke down before in car park but hey ho! haha)

Today I have had a exante choc orange bar- I was disappointed as I love choc orange but it was a bit bland - defo prefer the choc covered bars. I've just had the Indian style curry and it was delicious - tasted so like a curry and there was loads of it . I am stuffed.

Thinking of trying the choc gooey pudding a bit later which I'm hoping doesn't disappoint.

So I am 100% on plan this week but I am off to York Saturday so I am going to do my official weigh in on Saturday morning this week. I plan to have 2 products whilst away and I already know I am going Nandos Saturday night so going for Chicken Salad and I will keep it as low carb as poss on Sunday. I'm not going to treat this as an opportunity to binge I am going to treat this as how I will be after 12 weeks on this diet and realise that I need to change my choices in social situations.

It's a weird one with me , I love salad (believe it or not) but there are 2 reasons I hate ordering it when out 1. They are expensive- why choose a salad for 10 quid when you can have a cheese burger chips and coleslaw- 2. I always think people will judge me and think awww look at her on a diet - it's ridiculous I know and all in my mind. This time I don't care - if there are judges out there then judge because I am doing this for me.

Going to try and not weigh until Saturday this week -going to be tough but I would like a nice surprise on Sat - I'll keep myself motivated through keto strips.

Does anyone have little mini goals or little treats when they get to certain weights?
I'm going to have a think tonight and post mine tomorrow- treats obvs non food related !

Anyway here is to week 2 exante! Good luck to everyone else on their jounery too :) xx
Congrats! That is a huge loss and getting under 200 is a big milestone!

I know what you mean re the salads, sometimes I feel like that too. However from this summer buying salad ingredients it actually gets very expensive to make a good interesting salad whereas the food we all know and love (burgers etc) is probably actually really cheap unfortunately. And I understand the idea of judgement from other people but I get it the other way around - sometimes I think people will see me ordering something bad and think "well that's why she looks like that".

My mini goals are pulling out an item of clothing thats currently slightly too small and trying it on at the end of the week and it's so satisfying when it finally fits! So I try on lots of things in my wardrobe and put in the new things that fit and take the items that are too big out of the wardrobe and get rid of them so that they are no longer even an option to wear :) you forget what clothes you have!
I'm going to make my treats holiday related, I'd like to visit a new place each month and for once actually be in photos in that place!
Hi Fabfor30!

I had a very busy weekend. Me and hubby were on the mission of house cleaning, laundry, grocery and poor LO is teething so was fairly busy both days, was not tempted to any food at all and stayed 100% on plan. Yesterday it was My first weigh in too and I was 74kgs, so lost exacyly 3kgs about 6.7lbs in my first week despite a blip on day 5. Even though I know most of it was water weight I'm well chuffed with the loss.

Yes I also am planning to get to goal by June as my LG will turn 1 in June and hubby has planned our first holiday abroad after the baby (destination is a surprise so don't know yet), but would like to have lost 4 stones by then and I am so happy to report to have lost almost half a stone. So its totally possible if I stay 100%.

Congratulations :0clapper:on your week 1 weight loss and for not caving in to Chippys and staying strong on plan. I hope you have a great trip to York with family, your food options while on break seems great and low carb. and with a willpower like your I am sure you can do this.

I had quite a lot of time today and hubby's at home and spending time with the baby so I have also set up a new diary today- so full on swing today. It feels really nice to have a place where I will be documenting my weight change, feelings and mood on this diet also it will help me to stay accountable and be even more committed to what I want to achieve.

I will also be weighing in early this week on Saturday as we are going to Cambridge to a friends place for the weekend and I will not be on plan for sat-sun as it is really hard to get it right when it comes to explaining people why I am doing this (vlcd), and do not want us all spending our whole weekend discussing how unhealthy it is:oops: but I hope to be back on plan 100% on Monday.

Have you thought anything about introducing some conventional food week after 3 weeks? if you have any meal ideas for food week please let me know.

Hi cf70,

Good to know we all have similar stats and similar goals, congratulations:winner: for your losses so far, and our mini goals are same too..lol I also have lots of clothes of all sizes from 6-14 in my wardrobe I have kept them in a hope that one day I will fit back in them, so it will be a good motivator when I/we fit in smaller sizes than the current ones.

I have set up a diary today and let me know when you have one yourself.

Hi both,

Hope you're having a good week. It has gone by so quickly - I can't believe I am on day 10!

CF70 - love the holiday treats!! That's a great idea . I've got an outfit I want to wear on Friday 27th and hoping it fits - At the moment it gapes across my bust so hoping it doesn't on this day. I am quite lucky in terms that that's the last place I lose off ! I've also got a suitcase full of 10s and 12s from holiday 2 years ago and hoping to be able to wear them again on this years hol.

Fatimah that's a great loss!!! Well done! How you getting on this week? Love Cambridge - you'll have a great time.
I'm not looking at introducing food until week 6 and even then it's going to be chicken or fish. I'm aiming to do full 12 weeks on this. I've so many events from April I want a whole new wardrobe.

So from Monday I've stuck to my products - bar each day and I had the curry Monday - was delish and also had the chilli and breakfast eggs which were also delicious!!
Are you both doing exante?
I am loving there range - I really don't feel like I am on a diet.

I've not weighed this week and I am actually feeling quite heavy which is bizarre. I am praying to get 3lb for Sat so can get stone award but if not I'll get over it haha.

Do you both do ketosis tests with the sticks? They help keep me motivated.

Off now for a peanut bar warmed up and some TV.
If I don't check in the rest of the week I'll post weight on Saturday!!

Have a good week everyone
Good luck for saturday I think I'll weigh then too :)

I haven't tried any of the meals yet but ordered pizzas as they were reduced online :) and yes Im exante too, most products have been good so far. Only thing I hate are some of the really creamy shakes but I knew I would they just came in the diet pack.

I do use ketostix yeh, today is day 3 of 100% and im on + so getting there! I also want to lose 2-3lb this week - would be a good result considering the weekend.

I love the peanut bar! I am meant to have a lemon one to get rid of it but I really want a chocolatey one :D
Week 2 Weigh in

So I had an early weigh in this week as I was away for the weekend and can confirm that I lost another 3lb so total loss in 12 days is 14.2lb!!! I am over the moon.

Being away this weekend was a test . I promised myself it wasn't an excuse to binge but to test myself and my choices and I feel proud of myself!
Saturday I had a bar and then we went to Nandos so I got the butterfly chicken, mixed leaf salad and some coleslaw and then later in the night I had 2 eggs.
I drank water and black coffee so although I didn't have 3 products I still kept calories and carbs low.
Sunday we went for brunch and I got a ham and mushroom omelette and salad and then I nibbled at a bar during the day. There was a little buffet in the evening and all I had was 1 triangle sandwich with prawn on, 2 tbs of chicken curry, and a handful of crisps. It was enough so people didn't ask questions .

Weighed in Monday and was still 14.2lb down so no gain AND I kept myself in ketosis so have been able to jump right back on it.
So today is day 16 and I'm feeling good. I've just had the burger mix with an egg on top and it was delicious.

I'm back to Monday weigh in this week so I am hoping for 4-5lbs but I am sticking to plan so I know it has got to come off.
I'm going to have a slimatee tonight (holland and barret) just to help with things so if that works I might do a sneaky weigh in tomorrow but I shall see.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Well done on staying in ketosis! Eating out is a minefield - I have to do it on Friday so might pick nandos too.

Congrats on the loss and that takes you into the 13s which is great! I can't wait to go down to the next stone...been a long time coming!

Day 22 for me :)

So I've not been on here for nearly a week now as I have been so busy.
I've been really good and been having 3 products a day, sometimes I'll add an egg to the meal and on Saturday I went to parents house as they were doing family roast and I just had some meat - chicken and 1 slice of lamb- it was soooo nice.
Weigh in on Monday and I lost 3.8lb!! Which means in 3 weeks I have lost a whopping 18lb!!
It's really bizarre as I don't feel like I have lost that much and clothes aren't hanging on me but I mentioned in 1st post , I carry weight quite well and am very well proportioned so its coming off everywhere rather than 1 area. Highlight of this week though is I'm no longer classed as obese - I am over weight haha - small things hey!
Weigh in 4 will see me do progress pic ( I won't be posting!) and my measurements so that will be interesting.
I have a little mini goal in mind now , more of a challenge really. I have made plans for a weekend off plan on 18th February which will be my Week 6 so I am hoping to try and aim for another 10lb in just under 3 weeks which I am thinking is doable- if not, even if I can scrape in the 12s I'd be buzzing.

My plan for this diet is to do 12 weeks and get as close to 3 stone off and then lose another 7lb on SW so a mini break at end of week 6 will be good and then it will be like starting fresh on the Monday morning.

I'm going to do a weigh in in the morning to show my January loss too so keep posted :)

Hope everyone is still going strong on their weight loss journey.
18 lbs in 3 weeks! That's crazy! I lose weight all over too so I don't notice a difference in the mirror but I take measurements and I've lost between 1-2 inches everywhere and things that didn't zip up now do so maybe it's because we see ourselves every day so can't see the difference. Maybe if we only looked in mirrors once a week :)

Well 3 stone off - you are nearly halfway there already that must feel great!
Week 4 Weigh in

So I have been quiet but I will always make sure I check in on weigh day.
This week = -2.8lb loss which takes me to -20.8lb in 4 weeks ( gutted didn't get that .2lb to take me to 21lb but hey ho)
I think I could be averaging at 3lb a week but would love a little 4 or 5 every now and then- does this happen?
I'm 1/3 of the way through my journey now - my mission was to do 12 weeks on this to try and lose 3 stone so hopefully another 21lb in 8 weeks - surely manageable? I do have a scheduled weekend off this month and then a weekend in March so hopefully won't do too much damage.
I did measurements this week and total loss in 4 weeks = 17 inches (not including arms) I've lost 4 of waist hips and bust and then 2 off bum and 1.5 off thighs. I went on to asos size guidelines and it says i need to lose 2 more inches off everywhere and I'll be in their size 12 range - only 5 inches to be size 10, but one step at a time hey!

Anyway I am still feeling motivated and cannot wait to see the scales move more . Next mini goal is to get down into next stone bracket so another 6lb to go. Be great if I could get to it by Friday 17th Feb!

I'll keep you posted :)

Week 1= 11.2 lb
Week2= -3lb
Week 3= 3.8lb
Week 4= 2.8lb

Week 1-4 total loss= 20.8lb
Inch loss= 17 inches
Week 5 Weigh in

So I am a day late with weigh in and updating this as lots going on. Down 3.6 this week (after 8 days) taking me to a total of 24.2lb in 5 weeks!
To get to 3 stone goal I've only got 18lb to go! (ideally would like 4 stone but going to do last stone healthy eating)

Nervous this week and head not in it as much as I know I am having Thurs-Sunday off. I am going to try and be good but I'm going to enjoy myself too. I'll deal with the gain come Monday and treat Monday as though I am starting the diet for the first time. Weird for some but works best for me (I'm an all or nothing kind of girl) I've had products but baked cake for OH for valentines day and licked the spoon and ate some of the chocs.
Annoyed as I know I wouldn't have done this last week but I think it's because I know I'm coming off it. Shows my bad habits are still there!

People are starting to notice loss now too which is good. Can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks hold (from Monday)- if I can get another 24lb off I will be soooo happy :)

Anyway keep posted for my gain on Monday- I'm mentally prepared for 10lb gain - and it will be off again by 28th!

Have a great week!
Good luck! Try and think of the end goal :)

I gained 2 lbs last week which is sooo frustrating considering I wasn't eating terribly (still 2 packs a day) and barely eating carbs but aaaah...it's very frustrating how much easier it is to gain that lose! I;ve been waiting for see a 10 for nearly 3 weeks now :(