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  1. mchilds

    mchilds New Member

    Hi every one! Im getting married on the 10th sept 2011.. Need to loss 5stone in total, any ideas as how to lose the weight??

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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome mchilds:welcome:
    Not sure what diet you could go on now to lose 5 stone by September 10th...but the one that will bring you the closest to that goal would be doing a total food replacement weight loss plan like...Lipotrim, Cambridge Weight Plan, Lighter Life, W8, Exante etc...which give an average of a stone a month weight loss.

    You could possibly lose more ...

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  4. mchilds

    mchilds New Member

    hi there, thnks for reply. i need to lose weight for sept 10th nxt yr (my wedding) so probs wont be taking the meal replacement diets as i have over a yr to do it in.

    many thnks for help with tracker
  5. Fray

    Fray Full Member

    I'm losing for August 2011 and doing Slimming World! There are lots of choices for how you follow the plan and you get to syn too!
  6. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry I read it is next year:)
  7. Rigby

    Rigby Full Member

    Plain and simple calorie-counting with a bit of exercise suits me :) Congratulations on your engagement and best of luck with your weight loss!
  8. SammyE

    SammyE Silver Member

    Im on the Tony Ferguson diet, which is part meal replacement, basically you eat milkshake and fruit for breakfast, soup and veg for lunch and then a healthy dinner at night, it works for me because you see quick results without being starving all the time, also its very black and white what you can eat, so I know what I can and cant have so it makes it easier for me to be good. I had 6 stone to lose to get me to my ideal weight and Ive already lost a stone in three weeks, so Im down to 5 stone to lose now and I want to lose most of the weight by the end of this year so I can have all my dress fittings and stuff and not still be trying to lose loads of weight, so thats why Ive gone for part meal replacement, Ive tried slimming world and weight watchers... just didnt work for me but others get on really well with them.

    My wedding is in August 2011, Im hoping to get down to 11 stone by Christmas, then be goal weight of 9 stone by May as I figure the last two stone will be the hardest to shift, so Im giving myself longer to lose that, then Ive still got 3 months to make sure if my dress needs to be altered or anything that it will have time to have that done... haha so yeah thats my well thought out plan... probably wont work that way but thats what Im aiming for anyway! :)

    Good luck with whatever diet you pick.

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