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Getting ready to re-start tomorrow!!


A little of everything!
Well, I celebrated my birthday a little too well last night and am paying the price for it today- still, I have no appetite at the minute so I guess that'll help get me ready for tomorrow! LOL!

I've stocked up on cleaning products (my house will once again be spotless- hopefully!;)), and my Hubby has treated me to a bag of goodies from Lush that includes facemasks, bath bombs, hand creams etc. for my birthday, and I've a spare room full of too-big clothes waiting to be put on Ebay, so I've no excuse for not being able to distract myself from food.
All chocolate treats have been finished off (by my kids I hasten to add!!) and theres is no 'naughty' food to tempt me.
I have a busy weekend planned- which includes starting the Christmas shopping (arghhh!!!)
I've gathered a load of paperbacks for early nights if necessary and my hot water bottle & fleecy socks are ready to combat the cold water chills! I still need to get tablet sweeteners though...anyway...
I've got a 2l water bottle that I'll use to make sure I get at least that much 'pure' water- though that'll be tough in this cold weather, but needs must & all that!
I have a LBD thats just a little too tight hanging for my football clubs annual dinner dance on the 21st November to get into, and have just treated myself to a size 12 satin pencil skirt off Ebay as a 'target' outfit.

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Hey best of luck

Sounding very focussed

We all know you can do it
Go for it girl!! You'll be fine! Good luck x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
wahey!! (almost) welcome back ... only a few hours and youll be part of my gang again! :giggle:

:D :D :D :D


A little of everything!
Aww...thanks everyone! I'm cra**ing it really, but (at the minute) am determined to give it my best shot? I've read some of the re-starters first week wi's and if I lose 1/2 what they have the first week I'll be thrilled! (yes Tanya- that was aimed at you! LOL!)
Am off to get something tasty for tea (sorry!) and my sweeteners & some ice trays (I broke mine the last time & never replaced it!).
I'll be posting even more often from tomorrow!


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What are you having for tea?

I have just looked back at my first week of refeed and have written down what i ate, now im drooling! LOL :drool:


A little of everything!
I haven't decided, but am leaning towards a salmon fillet and some fresh mixed veg with a little low fat soft cheese mixed through. It's very filling though, so am expecting a 'nasty' starting weight in the morning? Still, it might make my first 'loss' bigger! LOL!
Glad you had a good birthday & you sound very well prepared for the beginning of LT (I am totally attached to my fleecy socks & hot water bottle at the moment!). & also, the eBaying is so time-consuming, which is suppose is a good thing when you're starting out :)

Good luck! You've done amazingly before, so you know you can do it!



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well i hope you are enjoying your last meal irish :)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Best of luck to you Irish for tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Remember, one day at a time :)

Happy Belated Birthday; I must have missed that somewhere!!!!!! Hope you had a good time and are well prepared for tomorrow and the next few weeks...you have determination of pure steel, so I am sure you will do this "by hook or by crook".

Take care


maintaining since June'09
Good Luck Irish .... You'll be fine xxx

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