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I've gained weight, I feel crap, and I know it shouldnt bother me cos Im a guy but it does, and im sick of it all, dieting, the more I diet the more food obcessed I become, when I have a day off I eat more than ever, I gain weight on diets lol.

Now xmas is here and I just cant do it, everyone is all festive, eating, drinking, and I just cant face sitting here with quorn, chickpeas, and other stuff I odnt really like, Im jacking it in till January the 2nd, I have set the date, Im going to enjoy xmas, and on January the 2nd, Is the start of my new thinner life, Im giving slimming world another go, I just hope I can pul it off, and I am aiming to do 30 mins workout every weekday from then too.

Anyone got any tips on how to try not do too much damage over xmas? and any motivational tips for me for january?

Last time I weighted myself I was 17.5 Stone, knowing my own body and how I feel I'm guessing I am about 18.5 Stone, maybe more, but I wont weigh myself too scared, I wish to be 15 Stone as my ultimate target, so I need to lose 3 - 4 stone, whats a realistic timezone to accomplish this? could it be done in 6 months? a year?
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Hi there.
If you feel this is the beszt option for you then go for it.
Just try and curb the over eating. Eat when your full etc.
3-4 stone?epends on how quick you loose. If you loose 2lbs a week you can loose 4 stone in a year!
but i am sure if your going to the gym you can bump up the loss.


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Aww mate, I know how you're feeling. Take the time off but stick to the SW principles (e.g. loosely follow red days etc), I did this for about 4 months and only gained a couple of pounds.

You know you can do this, but you need to be "in the zone", try and limit the damage but also enjoy yourself.

Good luck xx


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Guys notoriously lose weight faster so 3-4 stone I reckon you could do in 6 months! Just try not to do too much damage over your break.

And why, oh why, are you eating chickpeas and quorn if you don't like it? The key to success is taking recipes and food that you ENJOY and try and adapt it to make it SW friendly so that you can still eat similar to how you used to but make it healthier. Also, in the new year there will be a new SW plan which might work for you so it's definitely worth going back to it in the new year!


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Have you thought of doing more red days? In Jan, when you start again, have a look at my red recipe thread to get some ideas. I have recipes on there for currys, kebabs and stews.

Enjoy the rest of this month, get it out of your system ready for January. Good luck x


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Agree with stacey, if you don't like chickpeas & quorn then don't eat them. SW is so flexible it just needs a bit of thought and planning and you know we're all here to help...

I hope you come back to it... the new plan might be your saviour, but I also think the current one is fab.

Don't give up, if you're low now think how much worse you'll feel if you put even more on..

Sending a hug



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I think if you want to go off plan for a month then you just have to discipline yourself a bit and have portion control etc... and when chocolates and naughty things are about just ask yourself a few questions like 'do I really need to eat this? Am I actually hungry or just eating because it's there', this is how I get through the tough times when there's lots of temptation about (like at parties and when eating at friend's).

Once Janaury comes around you'll be really motivated but dont pressurise yourself too much, you need to be happy at the same time as doing SW or else there's no point.. you have to see this as a change in eating habits for life and not just for 6 months whilst you lose weight (this is how I'm seeing it) so big hug to you and good luck :party0049:


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My main issue is Quantity, I mean I am also guilty of binging and eating when Im not hungry, but I have a big appetite, and keeping full is key, I just need to start exploiting my free foods more I think.

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because i do all the hubby has lost 2 st and he didn't even know he was dieting....i do red days for the hubby meat and loads of veg.......he has whatever he fancies at work...usually a mega buttie off the van...
the secret is just don't keep the things in...that u know u will munch...
beer will always put weight on u..........and if u like to drink and have a takeout u will put the weight back on.........
its your life style u need to change not just the odd meal....


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Aww Night I think we have all felt like you do at the moment....

So take your time off.. as everyone says.. enjoy it... but... as there is always one :8855: Spend some of that time experimenting with meals.. ones that you will like and enjoy... Plan ahead.. get some weekly menus done up and stock up in that time on some foods that you know come Jan you can just dig into.

There are loads of recipes on here as you know... I have loads if you want me to send you some too.

We are all here for you... its good that you have given it some thought ... and with this in mind you will come back stronger than ever.... and don't be suprised when you start eating the really naughty food you will probably have less so hopefully your gain over this time will be very little.

Have a great Christmas!

Mrs V

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Ive emailed you.


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Nightwolf, at this moment in time i feel exactly the same as you. I can't stop binging on all the xmas chocolates. I need to replace a tin of biscuits i got a neighbour for the 3rd time .

If your head isn't in the right place there is no point in trying to stick to plan then beating yourself up about it when you don't stick to it. Have your month off and come the new year give it your all.


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its only christmas day ! ..its all about you r head and how you deal with it all ..i personally will enjoy my chistmas and eat what i feel i want ..but after all this time its in your head what you want or what you feel you really need ...just a thought ...wish you well honey xxxx


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Anyone fancy joining me on the 2nd on a complete new year diet? lol Im so determined for the new year, if anyone wants support on MSN or something PM me and we can all support each other, talking sometimes helps, keeps your mouth busy from eating lol