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Giving my mind a treat! Anyone else?


Not evil at all
Hi guys

I have never been able to wear clothes that I like, ever ever ever, when I was younger my mum picked most of my clothes and then when I was old enough to say for myself I was too fat for the clothes I liked. I remember when I was about 12 - 13, these "parachute pants" were so popular and my mum took me around all the shops trying to find a pair to fit me and obviously we came home empty handed. So, now that I know I'm on my way to target I occasionally have a look on sites at clothes I would love to wear and am going to spend so much money on them when I get to target! So many lovely dresses, tshirts, hoodies etc. I get so excited that it makes me so much more determined and enthusiastic for the plan!

So does anyone else do this and what kind of things do you look at to keep you motivated? ie a picture of the dress you want or just looking on sites like me? :) or am I the only one!!

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I seem to be following you -Im not a stalker ..honest :D

I have always wanted a pair of thigh high boots ..now I don't want to look like a "lady of the night" -but when I get to target I will be having a pair... at the moment I wouldn't get a pair past my knees -I have "fat footballer legs":p ....
I must confess to keep looking at all the clothes Im going to splurge on when I get to goal.... bright colours -lovely fitted things, floaty fabric...ahhhhhhhhh what a lovely thought...oooh and NO elasticated waistbands:8855:


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I definetly do - my daughters tease me by all the times i do 'virtual' shops without checking out! Its so lovely looking at all the fabulous fashions out there - I'm like a big kid in a sweet shop with eyes bigger than my tummy (and thats saying something!!!!) ;)

Places online I like for this are ASOS (you can *save* your basket for later) and Amazon where you can have a wishlist for any website!

Good to know what lies in store one day.............. :) xx
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ooooh Cupcake -My niece was raving about ASOS the other day -so I had a little look ...oooohhh what pretty things they have....
I might go and have a look and pick out some things and "save" them so i can go back and remind myself what I can have -one day...although by then they will be out of fashion :8855:


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I am always doing this - i want some really short shorts when i get to target!!! :D

long way to go though - but coming close to being at the halfway mark.....xxx
Years and years ago I bought this beautiful dress to try to inspire me to lose the weight. It hung in my wardrobe for so long. :D

It's fantastic to finally be able to wear it!
I buy Look magazine every single week. Just love looking at clothes that one day I WILL make sure I wear!
I would just love to walk into a shop and know that there will be things to fit me.

I am now a size 20, was a 22 to 24 pre SW, so things are going in the right direction.

The Spanish idea of XL is a joke, about a size 14 to 16.

How I miss Marks and Spencers for nice underwear. They closed ours.....boo hoo !!!



Not evil at all
Louisedan it sometimes gets me down too but I know that I'm on my way to target and I will look amazing and you will too chick! xx


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I also love clothes and fashion, so can't wait to get to target to wear the latest trends. At the moment it's just jeans and a nice modern top that covers my bum :)
The Spanish idea of XL is a joke, about a size 14 to 16.
I was a size 16 when I went travelling round asia and when I needed a new pair of trousers in Vietnam I had to buy an xxxxxl!!!! I've still got the label somewhere, I found it very amusing, especially as i'd lost weight when I was away!

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