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Giving UP


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I really dont feel how I can do this. The only week ive completed without cheating is my 1st week. I've had a week off for various things and STS.

My first 3 losses were brill 8lbs, 6lbs and 5lbs then STS & STS. I have another 2.5 stone to loose and I dont know if its a waste of money to carry on as I feel miserable and naughty.

Im fine most of the time its just when I'm on my own with my LO and he doesnt eat his dinner or has a snack, thats what I eat.

I dont know what to do. :(
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Hi Lana,

Remind yourself of why you started in the first place.

you had great losses, give yourself one day at a time. And everytime you are tempted to have something, just ask yourself, why? Why do I want it? The reason is never as good as you think it is.
Hang in there.



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oh dear poor you, you might be best talking to your CDC, they can maybe motivate you, you have had good losses as Tange says above, and you can have good ones again, we're here to help and motivate if that helps x


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oh I do feel for you its awful feeling it is impossible. Maybe it is not the diet for you... but i do believe you can do it. When you get past the first few weeks the weight is not just coming off the scales but also off your body and it gives you so much motivation! Also i promise it does get easier. By my 3rd week i was well in the swing of it (despite being gutted by pretty slow losses compared to some). Or maybe try a higher plan like ss+ or 810 then you can have a little real food? Its hard to say whats best for someone else but I have tried every diet going and was always very sceptical of VLCD mainly because was jealous of how people ever did it and their weight loss! I just never believed i could do it. But 8 months down and even though I am not at goal it has been the best thing ive ever done! I really hope you can find the same happiness I have found with it. The bad days and weeks are still bad i totally agree, but it will be so worth it! xx
I agree with everything that has already been said x


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Thank you. I may try the 810 plan for a week. No other diet has worked for me, this is my last chance to feel happy in body.


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Hi Lana,

I know how hard it is to get over not wanting to waste food -- but if your LO does not eat it, and it can't really be put away for later... then bin it! You are spending good money on the plan and you need to ask yourself when you want to put something in your mouth if it is worth 35 pounds (60 pounds plus if on LL). Sort of a reality check...

In 2008 I SS'd for the entire 12 weeks of LL's Foundation Programme, then I started on Maintenance. I knew I needed to "do" the entire Maintenance Programme to retrain myself, but as my "diet partner" couldn't make the meetings work, after a couple on my own -- I stopped going.

I kept it all off for some months -- until snow caused cancelled exercise classes (and instead of exercising at home) I just stopped working out. And never went back. So, the weight slowly crept back on. When I got to almost 2 stone back -- I knew I had to act.

So, I have been on and off CD since last fall. I have not made a much of dent in the regain -- but I have held it in place. And, tomorrow will be the first week I have successfully stuck to the plan in months. That is one week down and tomorrow morning I will find out how many pounds off -- but if it is only one, it still progress.

I know that it will be a slower rate of loss this time because I do not have five, but two stone to lose. And, because I am nearly two years older and I because I have slowed my metabolism by doing doing a VCLD in the past. But, also know that I can add exercise in over the next few weeks, and weight traiing will increase my muscle mass and metobolic rate.

So, Lana -- long story short... find a food plan that will work for you and also increase your activity level. The water consumption is important -- it helps with the hunger and flushes your system, etc. My LL Counselor ussed to say, "The more you drink, the more you shrink." But, she also advised to drink steadily tough out the day and 3 to 4 litres.

Good Luck.



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My cdc would say to me if you eat that (being the naughtys so to spk) then that naughty has just cost you £35 for another weeks cd packets, and she was right it worked for me, as much as you dont/like to grit your teeth and put the left overs in the bin :)


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I was just admiring your ticker! Well done only 10 pounds from goal. The advice must have worked well.


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