Going back to SW after incentive given by husband :)

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  1. LynnieD

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    Hi all, I'm new. I've done SW and Weight Watchers on and off over many years. I have currently been following WW but after putting on the 2 stone I lost and losing faith in my "friend" who had reached goal but seemed to be needing more support from me to maintain than she wanted to give me I decided to call it a day with WW.
    The other day my husband sat me and the kids down and said he had a proposition.... He has said I need something to motivate me something to challenge me, he brought me a dress last year ,size 14, which I have yet to fit into. If I get into the dress for Christmas he will use his bonus which is usually £1000 to pay for a holiday anywhere I want for the family. Now we haven't been abroad since our honeymoon 13 years ago so this is a big deal, I have started walking, swimming and on Tuesday I will register with SW but I would like to do this without needing to pay for a group. I have 2 brilliant friends that are supporting me and joining me on the journey. So after that mini essay I hope to make some friends and gain support and ideas from this brilliant forum.

    Thank you

    Lyn x:)
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  3. Ponytales

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    Sounds like a nice hubby :)

    My OH did a similar thing for me a few years ago. He bought me a lovely new outfit for a friend's wedding after I lost a couple of stone.... problem is I have now put it all back on. Going to another friends wedding in September and trying to get enough weight off to get back in the dress he bought me last time around.

    Good luck!
  4. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    Welcome you will find lots of support on here,start a diary and we will all chip in and keep you motivated...good luck..and lets start planning that holiday

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