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going green?

hey all.
iv been really looking into all these old plans (success express and mix2max) but i dont think SE is going to give me the loss i want.. basically because i already eat so much superfree, i only ever snack on fruit and veg, or occasionally a yoghurt.. and my syns are already 5syns and under.. granted maybe my porton sizes of free foods are big, but then i like my food.. i dont think there would be a massive result...

i thought about mix 2 max, and i think this could work, as its different to what im already doing. . but i dont get the impression many people ever favoured this plan?

so, i tried red week a few weeks back and only managed 1/2lb after 100% week.. i cocked up an attempt at green months ago and gained 2.5lb but i know that was due to a mess up with HEB's

SO do you think if i massivly reduced my portions, and only ate superfree snacks (as usual) but stuck to green, i.e cutting out meat all together.. i'd get a decent loss?

what do you guys think? i drink massive amounts of water, my exercise is 90% zilch, but im so lazy i just dont have the motivation LOL

:sigh: i know my losses are no where near as slow as some peoples, but after having a 3lb loss earlier in the month and another 1.5lb last week after being ill.. seeing a 1/2 lb loss on average can be disheartening when i know my body can do more.. iv been good this week but could have been better i recon, im so close to target now. . im just getting really impatient. grr lol

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Alomst there :)
Last week I lost 4lb, and I think that's quite impressive considering I was only 6lb off target (now only 2lb)!

I stuck to EE, BUT I made sure I had a recommended portion size of everything, and had a massive salad or lots of veg with everything. I found I was still full enough and because I really bulked everything out - and didn't count any SF that was in anything (like toms etc in a spag bol for example) and had 1/3 SF on top of that I found I needed to snack less too.

I also find when I have a bigger breakfast I need to eat more through the day too. Most of that week breakfast would consist of a HiFi bar and a banana or apple, and I would actually wait until I was hungry to eat it, which was usually about 10am. I didn't eat just because it was lunchtime, or dinnertime and if needed be I would bring my mealtimes forward if I was hungrier a bit earlier.

Today I had quite a big breakfast - which consisted of lots of fruit, a yogurt and a HiFi bar and I was really, really hungry come lunchtime, and am still really hungry now, in spite of the fact that I had a roast dinner for lunch (leftovers from yesterday)... and ended up eating an extra cereal bar... I did the same on Friday - bigger breakfast, meant I wanted to eat loads more!!

Not sure how relevant you will find that but I think we have similar stats... I'm 5ft2 and 9st9 now...


ETA: I never restricted my SF intake, I could eat unlimited amountes of that :)


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St Fern ;), I can only say what has worked for me, as I can't obviously speak for others.
I found that my weight loss really increased hugely when I only ate when I was hungry.
I gave up my masses of free foods, like mullers, fruit etc and only snack on them when I really feel like a nibble.
I, otherwise, just stick to main meals, which in most cases is one a day. I then have huge amounts of veg, be it superfree and/or others, that fill (in most cases) over 1/3 of my plate. And, when I feel satisfied, I stop, whether the plate is empty or not. Most of the time I don't need more, but if I do feel hungry later I snack on free food.
Good luck girl, you are nearly there!
I would say it's defo worth a try to do something different and shake things up a bit. Especially when you only have a little to lose. Maybe limit the 'green' foods to a sensible sized portion, but allow plenty of superfree to fill you up? I do think it's good to mix things up as it seems to trick the body into losing a bit more weight.

I could do with a change to lose a couple of stubborn pounds, but not sure what. My usual thing is a variety really, mostly Red days with a few Mix 2 Max, Green, EE and Superfree days thrown in. Maybe I should try sticking at one type of day for a whole week. Do you think that can be effective? Any suggestions?
I agree absolutely with what everyone's said so far. I only wish I was as disciplined as Malaika and could only eat when I'm hungry but I still overeat and sit in front of the telly and eat - albeit usually superfree foods!

I think you hit the nail on the head when you talk about lack of exercise. It really does boost your losses. I started at the gym about 10 weeks ago. The first 3-4 weeks I didn't really lose (in fact, I think I gained) but then it all clicked into place - I was really good with my eating (on plan at least 90%) and exercising 3 times a week. And BOOM - suddenly the weight started coming off again. I lost 10.5lb in 6 weeks which I'm ecstatic about and was unheard of over the last 6 months!

I hate to say it, but I think exercise in conjunction with possibly reducing your portion sizes will really give you a boost. I know it's not what you want to hear but just give it a go - maybe for one week? Even if it's just going for a 30 min walk in the beautiful sunshine. For me, it was aiming for my silver body magic that really focused me.



Not evil at all
Hi Fern

This is totally not the advice you're looking for but isnt the point of SW that we can eat normally? I understand SW have these plans, mix2max and SE, so that when peoples losses do slow down they have a way of boosting them again. But I don't get why you want to restrict your eating just to get to target quicker? You'll be there in 8 weeks with the 1/2lb losses, and you know the 8 weeks will fly by!

Or.. you could eat lots and lots of superfree speed food soup?! :)

Sorry if this doesnt help! xxx


I want to be fitter again
Hi Fern Honey
as you know, I have had the same struggles for some time until I did eventually cut my portions down. As evilpenguin said, Sw is about eating normally but your normal amounts must be smaller than when you first started. Your body needs less energy to function now that you are lighter and if your portions haven't changed that much, therein could be your answer.

I try my hardest not to snack on anything unless my tummy is rumbling telling me it is hungry. It has taken quite a while to learn the subtle differences in my mouth being hungry and not my stomach. (if that makes sense). Good luck and monitor what you are eating again like when you first started BUT only eat if you can honestly say you are hungry xxxx


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SE works for me Fern. I'm like you, I only snack on superfree anyway and eat lots of superfree with my meals but concentrating on only a third FREE food with each meal really does help. I only do it for a week and I can drop 3lbs normally.

At the moment I'm struggling to get focussed again so I think I'll be doing an SE week again soon.

I don't do the "eat when hungry and stop when full" thing, I can't. I eat big portions and eat it all. I guess I am a bit greedy really - I also don't exercise much.

So, like the others, I'm only saying what works for me - and that is SE when I need a boost.

Good luck girl!
Im so gutted with myself - as expected iv just weighed at home ( i know i know) and its showing a 1lb gain.

Friday i ate some cake. about 10 syns worth.

Sunday i went to the carvey, had all good choices but still not homemade, and today.. a mum brang me in 3 millies cookies as i was unwell recently - and i ate them all.. i recon 15syns each from the non-basic values sw give.

other than that i have been really good.. but i know so close to target things like that you just cant get away with.

Im really stressing myself out about what to do now, i guess im just over thinking it all.. i want to do it but my willpower is just pathetic at the minute, its pants.

So Maybe this is the plan..

SE, smaller plate ie. smaller meals, dont count SF that are in the meal.. have 2/3rds sf on the side.. and no snacking between meals what so ever.

i did go for a 'run yesterday' well i tried. I managed 10 whole flipping minutes, where i havnt been for about a month.. i was exhausted and my stomach was cramping so bad. i was SO embaressed.. and i was on my own!

Okay, maybe i aim for a good 30 minute walk a day and il swim tuesday.

- I can't beleive im going to say this but.. i dont want to go to WI
Its hard to face what you expect to be a gain at weigh in but if you've gained you've gained wether you go or not. Not going won't change that but it can help you possibly draw a line under it and start working towards that target that you want.
It sounds like you could be putting a lot of pressure on yourself to get to that target and its taking you further away from it? As someone else said getting there with small losses is still getting there and may be an easier journey.
Someone posted a thread earlier about enjoying the journey, its not always easy to do but try not to make it a harder journey for yourself.
Good luck with getting through this part of your journey howevers best for you x
I know, i feel so awful somtimes knowing tell everyone else what i should be doing myself.. i am finding it SO difficult this week.. I feeel so fed up.. and i dont know why, im so close.. but as you said its taking me further away.

my losses are best when i relax with it, but i just cant switch off at the mo. :(
Ahh sorry you are feeling so fed up :( wish I knew what could get you through this.
Do you enjoy swimming? you mentioned going for a swim? maybe that would give you a little boost? I mean feelings wise not necessarily weight loss.
What about some of your old clothes? Have you got any you could slip on that would no doubt fall off you?!
A non food reward for yourself if you make it to weigh in whatever the outcome?
Probably no use but just things that came to mind x
they are all really good ieads. i did plan to go for a swim today but my motivtion failed me, i do really enjoy it, but even so.. i was too lazy.

im going to start my day afresh tomorrow.. iv had a good day today, bar the biscuits.

I can't do huge amounts of excercise due to nerve damage from a back op but I do love pilates for strengthening my inner core and the Wii. It's fun and you don't realise just how much your doing cause its not like traditional excercise.
Tonight I did 5 dances on Just Dance, I was really sweaty at the end but kept saying just one more cause it was so much fun and addictive.
You've done so fantastically well and your so close to your target, as you've said just relax with it, you know what works for you really so just focus on that 100% and I'm sure you will succeed.
Iv decided to just stick with EE, just have my favourite meals, but with added veg.. and not think about it at all. i dont want to spend the next week being so stressed i dont enjoy the plan like i should do.

i should save things like SE and limiting my portion sizes radically for really bad times. i need to remember that iv lost 6lbs in 5 weeks, and thats still a fab weight loss. esp so close to target. i shouldnt complain.. im freaking out over nothing.

lets just see hey..i suspect relaxing is the key, as its always been.