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Going to ask restaurant this week


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*Sally Cinnamon*

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What kind of food honey?



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What about the Caesar salad and ask for the dressing on the side?


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Hey, dont be scared to ask for something that's not on the menu. usually I will look for some kind of chicken or fish and then ask for either the sauce to be seperate or just plain.

Ususally if they have fish or chicken on te menu you can ask for it as a salad instead and most places are really accommodating now

Lastly I will always ask for my salad or veg to be plain.

Good luck xxxx


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Looks like they have a lovely Insalate Italian salad menu. The salmon fillet salad looks fab. You could always sneakily bring a squeezy bottle of Helman's extra light mayo with you, and ask them to hold the dressing if you're worried, but their salad dressings don't look too awful!

How about the Ciabatta al Petto di Pollo? If you drop the pesto mayo and the chips it should be very healthy. I think you could ask them to whip you up a lower cal pizza, too. You can add a range of your own chosen toppings, including veggies. Don't be afraid to tell them exactly what you'd like, and take a couple of your own favourite low fat condiments with you if you like!


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I used to hate avocado, too! Then I had it in some sushi and started to rather like it... got some great good fats in it for general well-being if you can stomach a little of it.

Just ask them not to add it to the salad if it's not your thing. Lay down the law and tell them exactly what you want - you're paying for it, it's your call!


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well i always look at the menu as a starting block, i would ask for the salmon salad but ask that they do not put the dressing on and they do not add avocado. or alternatively i would ask for a plain steak/chicken and ask for new potatoes. most restaurants will cater for us generally without snottyness or question
have a lovely evening honey

Lady Mhoram

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I love Ask - have a good time :)