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Going to do this

I have made my mind up at last, going to go to the chemist tomorrow morning and get my LT before i go off in a bang.
Not telling family and friends what i am doing, more so my hubby, been on loads of diets over the years and failed, so he's probs sick of hearing me say i am going to start this and that diet and never stick to it.
I lost 3 stone two year ago just on healthy eating, it took me a year to do it, and guess what....i found it again and the rest.
Weight is geting out of control since starting the Menopause,i am now Obese dont want it to get worse :cry:
Which is the best flavours to get? i have read that vanilla is ok with coffee added, can i heat it up, and are there any recipes i can do with the packs.
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Good luck for tomorrow,it will be worth it.Let us know how you get on.
I live on strawberry shakes and peanut flapjacks because thats all I like :D. I am happy with that though.(no flapjacks in the first week though)
Make sure you drink plenty of water and the fat will soon be history. Good luck.


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good luck, try all of them really, but stock up on ones you think you will like the most and add more variety later.

leave the flap jacks until at least your 2nd/3rd week.

you may be a bit craggy for a few days so be sure to drink lots of water

H xx

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Well done on deciding to take the plunge honey!! Welcome aboard :) Good luck with the first week, as the others have said just make sure to keep yourself full up on water and make sure you have a couple of paracetamol handy just in case you get headaches. The first week is tough but it is definitely worth it and trust me, it gets soooo much easier the longer you stay on the wagon for! :D
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Welcome and good luck.

Try all the flavours and see which you prefer. If there is a flavour you hate then the chemist should swap any others you have. They do tend to taste funny in the first week coz of all the vitamins and minerals - that is what you can taste but after a while you taste the flavour instead.

There are 3 shake flavours
Vanilla (can add coffee and have hot or cold)
Chocolate (can add coffee or mint tea and have hot or cold or make with less water for a mousse)
It says use 250ml but I use about 450ml. Some use more some less but in the first week you may find it easier to add more. More adds to your water intake.

There is also chicken soup which some add spices to but you must be careful which ones you use. I don't like the soup so I have no idea which are ok and which aren't.

There are 2 types of flapjack, peanut or coconut, though some say they taste the same. I like the peanut but they are very dry and need lots of water or hot coffee to wash them down. Some make a porridge from half an flapjack and half a vanilla shake and say it is lovely. You can't have flapjacks for the first week or 2.

Drink plenty of water, min 2L, max 6L. I usually manage between 3.5 and 4.5L a day.

The first week is the hardest but the WI at the end makes it worthwhile.

Good luck.



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You can do it hun. I agree don't tell them and wait for them to notice. Might be tough hiding it from hubby though!!

Good luck. x


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good luck!
i LOVE the vanilla shake but it seems people have different tastes. The soup is quite nice but i also have read alot of others that think is horrible. Have a try of them all and see what you like x
Well i went on my shakes last week and tried again, stuck with it for 5 days, lost 7lb, felt so ill.
So just ordered today some Diet Chef food should come on Friday. Yet again another failed diet :sigh:
Yes you have cereal for breakfast, soup for lunch, a dinner and a sweet bar. dietchef.co.uk My poor husband will be thinking, not another one :eek:
Its a shame the diet gets the blame, but it's not for everyone - good luck with you new choice....


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
i know its hard, i really struggled too. but you have to give these things more time. espec a diet like this, its a bit of a shock to the body.

good luck with diet chef, and remember to make wise choices. in fact, remember that you have a choice! you have to develop a strength within you and a determination to make it work.

a fav quote of mine is that anything can be acheived in life with just two skills... personal responsibility and self discipline. wishing you lots of both for the future. if you can master them, then you have it cracked.

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