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Gonabslim Diary - is it working??

Ok, so i am hoping this diary thing works. i guess if i am writing what i am doing then i am actually talking to myself and getting things out in the open.
So here goes....

Am on Day 2.

I am kind of trying to do the diet in secret. having lost 3 stone last year on RC then nearly putting 1 back on by going on holiday and having christmas i went back to RC in Jan.... some reason it didnt work. maybe i just wasnt into the whole counting thing again... dont know. My sis started SW in jan and is now 2lbs off her stone... hmmm sibling rivarly going on here. so i need to get back on the wagon.

i have told my work mates that i have quit RC cos i just cant do it anymore. maybe i dont want to be quized about how did i do at weigh in. i think this is because i wasnt doing well.:sigh:

so if i can stick to this and hopefully in a few weeks peps will start to notice, which will give me more motivation?

So today i had

spagetti on 2 x toast (HEX)
2 satsumas
1 banana
1 kiwi
homemade egg fried rice (leftovers)
(work mates very impressed)

pork chop
loads of mash
loads of veg

one triangle of Toblerone? err not sure of the syn here? counted as 5.
2 tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce 3syns.

I am in the middle of a move. have found i can be a bit obsessed with my scales (on them at least twice a day!) so they are in a box. so i will not weigh until i have moved in 2 weeks!! eeek!!!

Thanks for listening to me waffle.
Thats all folks!
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S: 17st12lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st13lb Loss: 3st3lb(18%)
First of all welcome to your diary:p. Second of all welcome to SW!! You will never go back to anything else after this im sure lol!
I wish you luck on your plan this week and with the move;).

I looked at your plan for today- did u skip breakfast?? or am i miss reading it lol. If you did skip breakfast try n eat sumit lie weetabix or even fruit n yoghurt as i believe it gives ya metabolism a kick start for the day. If you r eating breakfast well done and ignore what i said haha!!!
Good luck
Nikki xx
lol! yes i did have brekkie. thats the first thing i think off when i wake up!
it was the spaghetti on toast.
So i went out last night with my fellow work mates... we drunk too much wine and we ordered nachos (shared by 5 of us). I really struggled yesterday anyway.I was on a red day.

I had Sausage sarnie for brekkie.(HEXB)

Coronation chicken sarnie (HEXB) for lunch with ham wrapped round 28g cheese. Yoghurt

Lots of fruit during the day, 3 choc digestives.....curly wurly and a bag of skips!

Then a chicken bacon and cheese (HEXA) omelette, which i didnt enjoy very much!!

I must admit i think i picked at my naughty things because i didnt feel full enough. I am much more satifised on the green days me thinks.

Green day today. nice big spud to have tonight with beans and cottage cheese.
Drawing a line under yesterday and thinking about doing step tomoz morning!!!
ARRGGGHHHH!!!! I want skinny Jeans!!!

Have really screwed up this weekend. havent got my head round anything at all. Think i was ok up until last night. had a nice healthy jacket spud and beans with salad and cottage cheese. then we stayed up watching telly and i started to think about the christmas cake we still have sitting in the cupboard!! then a packet of hula hoops.

Felt sooo guilty.!! stepped on the scales this morning to find i think i have put on about 3 pounds!!! (I have packed the scales away AGAIN!)

I think my problem is my syns and not allowing myself to have a high syn item as to not to waste any during the day. so then i really start thinking about nice things like the christmas cake!!

I am doing this from home so my new plan is to start again tommorow. I will try the Extra Easy plan and work from a 105 week allowance.

I also need to get back down the gym. I went shopping this morning and i thought i would brave it and try on some Skinny jeans!!! i just about mangage to squeeze into them but i had serious muffin belly going on!! decided that i am NOT going to buy any clothes until Easter which is when we take my step children on holiday!!! SKINNY JEANS here i come!!!


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S: 17st12lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st13lb Loss: 3st3lb(18%)
Wow- if that christmas cake was in my house id have well eaten the whole thing by now! haha! How much do you have left? Just and idea but my consultant suggested donating any left over xmas goods to a charity or children/elderly home so not to have the temptation in the kitchen lol. But alot of members in my class were like- erm i'll scoff em all this week to get rid lol.
DONT WEIGH YOURSELF lol. Even tho you know that haha!!
But the cake u had last night prob wont effect your weight loss for another week- if at all.. there cud be many reason why your scales measured higher today- but only weigh yourself once a week as EVERYONE puts on weight and loses it in a week. Dont beat yourself up.

Come on pick urself up and dust down- you can do this hun! I know you can:D
Xmas Cake!

I know, my mum gave it to us a few weeks ago cos noone was eating it. I thought that i was strong enough not to touch it and said that my bf would eat it..... he hasnt touched it! lol. there is still alot left.... its only had a couple of chunks taken out of it.

Thanks hun. bf cooking a chick roastie today so all it not so bad. i need to plan my week me thinks.
First week on EE.

Weetabix and milk.

Melon and satsuma (half a banana, thrown away cos it was too fluffy)

Chilli and pasta
Muller light


Sausage (2 syns)
Muller light

Curly Wurly (5.5)

Syn allowance 105-7.5 = 97.5 left....
Can anyone tell me how to change the name of my thread?

very pleased with myself. have stuck to my food diary plan all day.!! and i even made it to the gym. pat on the back for me, me thinks!!:0clapper:
Think i am getting into this now..

2 eggs baked beans and 2 bacon

pasta and tomato based sauce
sugar free jelly 1.5 syns

yoghurt & fruit

homemade cheese burgers , chips and salad (HE A&B)

fudge 5.5 syns
arrrgghhh couldnt get W/meal rolls so got white. was good and weighed it but think now works out at 6syns. oh well, will taste better anyway!! lol

84.5 syns left for the week.
must say after my fudge, i feel pleasantly full...good good.

my scales are still in a box.. good sign
Made it to the gym again this morning.

15 mins x trainer. (little easier today, time went by quite fast)

20 mins on the treadmill (4 mins of that walking) Felt really good running this morning! still not braved it to go outside yet though

gave in to a small slice of vic sponge as its a birthday here.... so will give up my curly wurly tonight..

2 x weetabix and milk (HE's)

rice, tomatoe based sauce and an egg.

risotto and salmon steak.
Prob a muller light

Vic sponge
So yes i had the cake this morning! went ok for the rest of the day. lunch filled me up till tea time.

Then i got home....... made my OH lunch and stuck a couple of mini sausage rolls down my neck. while my rissotto was cooking...

then after tea i got a bit of blooming christmas cake!!

have logged on here in the hope to keep away from the kitchen.

i need to get through tonight and tommorow will be absoultly fine!!
Am drawing a line under yesterday. i think i was possessed. that what it was. went to bed with 2 biscuits in hand and my OH tutt tutting at me!! lol

Have woken up all refresshed. just done beans on toast.

also broke open the box with the scales in to check the damage( really how can i expect to leave them in there till next sat!!!)

I have lost!!! my last weigh in was a week a go tues.. so thats 9 day and lost 6 pounds!! whoop whoop!!

Very pleased indeed!!! :) Was getting worried as i have been eating well!

so today.... NO CAKE!!

Beans on Toast

Fruit (got loads at work.... must eat)

left over risotto and salad, SF Jelly (1.5), ELF mayo

Turkey spag bol and a 28 g cheese, yoghurt
S: 13st13lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st11lb(12.82%)
well done on your weight loss that's brill!!! keep motivated now and keep going, you can do this!!!
Gym this morning.

15 mins on X trainer - 20 mins on the tread mill (16mins of running!!) whoo whoo!!! 2.5k done.

2 weetabix milk (HEX)

fruit medley

leftover turkey mince
jacket spud
cottage cheese
Jelly or Yoghurt (1.5 syns or none!)

Diet coke chicken (1st time!! hope its as nice as everyone rants! my work collegues think i am mad!)

Fudge (5.5syns)

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