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gone back and not liked..?

i had a slice of white toast last night, with el cheese slice, and you know what - it was foul! i was just mushy - i was badly craving bread and now i have realsied i really dont want it! 1 craving down still 100 to go:rolleyes:, so what have you re-eaten since starting the diet to realise it just wasnt that great after all?
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Greasy cheeseburger from the burger van around from my work....they are disgusting! Fudge doughnuts, I used to love them and now I think they really aren't very good :D


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I get physically ill if I eat something that is high in fat now. I also recently had my first square of chocolate in the past 8 months and it tasted foul.
I had fish and chips last summer on hols the smell was fantastic but all I could taste was grease.
err, let me think..
my favourite chinese
kfc-used to luv that
a snickers bar- it gave me toothache and was kinda boring
any kind of spread (butter or marg)
white bread
the burger bar at our local bootmarket (used to have one every saturday)
the chip shop in town absolutely stinks gross

LOL.. look at that lot... I used to eat all that !!


Chips from the chip shop had some last week and couldn't eat them, even though i had been fancying some for 2 weeks


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Has to be fish and chips, the grease in the bottom of the wrapping, and that awful feeling that the grease has floated up to the surface in your stomach! (sorry) I used to love scraps :eek: with them as well! The other thing I used to love was pork pies, same thing, too greasy (and I used to love the pastry if it was rock hard).
I now find that after drastically cutting back on cheese, if I have the hard stuff it tastes SO salty, especially feta.


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Yesterday we were out for the day and there was a fresh doughnut van...which i usually love...as we walked past all i could small was grease! That's those little tikes off the menu!


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Shop bought fish and chips, they smell devine but the taste isn't nice anymore and I keep 'burping' them after if you know what I mean, and buttered toast, I always loved my toast slathered with butter or low fat spread, but now I just have the smallest scrape of very low fat flora on my toast.
Its amazing how your body adjusts! I used to be a MASSIVE chocohoic ( even craved it during pregnancy!) This is how i piled all my weight on. But now, not having it anymore has made my body reject it when i do. Even a bite of milk chocolate makes me feel queezy!!


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doughnuts, never used to eat many but when i did have one it tasted beautiful but yesterday i had one and yuk!!. it wasnt a sugar coated one and it made my mouth all funny afterwards not worked out the syns for it yet but it was not worth it, now all i need to go off is toffee apples lol
i'm so glad im not the only one whose tastes have changed!
kids had fried egg swiches for lunch- just the smell made my stomach churn (maybe it was the smell of the frylite..?
Hate to say it because they are free foods and good for you, but cauliflower and brocolli I cann't even think about them let alone cook and eat them yuk! I used to love them as well. Can only eat cauliflower now if covered in a strong cheese sauce so that I cann't taste the cauli which defeats the object a bit lol.


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Hubby and I went to our favourite Cafe for a full English breakfast this morning. And it tasted oily. No visible oil but I could taste it.
Oh, and the smell from the chippy....not good.

I seem to have totally gone off coffee. I now prefer tea. Very strange. Everything taste either more salty, more sweet or oily.

Long may it continue, cause Im 7st off target!!!

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