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Good scales

I use the ones from Lloyds pharmacy - they come in at around £15. When I first met my CDC turned out she uses them too, as do other CDCs she knows. They have 'people memory' so you can key in your vital stats (and for your family members too), and then they'll measure your weight (kilos,lbs, st lbs) body fat % and your BMI. That's all I wanted.

A friend bought some WeightWatchers scales, which seem to measure everything and as far as I can tell will make a cup of tea and juggle plates to boot! ;) She seems pleased with those but they were pricier.


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I swear by Salter too.... I 100% trust my scales. I can no longer shuffle around the scale to make the weight go down, and they have a memory to record weightloss, bmi etc. My CDC has Salter too, but hers are even better as they give give you weight down the the last 1/4 pound etc.


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Lloyds one are suppossed to be brill, I was in there the other day and they are on sale at the mo (Lancashire) for about £15, mine are Lloyds ones too, but not as new a model, they are cool though and weigh same as my CDC.
I have just purchased an expensive Salter scale, can't wait for it to arrive. I have some seriously dodgy scales at the moment so it will be nice to have some that good.

I have purchsed these on the advice of people on here so they must be good!
I have WeightWatchers scales I got mine from Homebargains for 9.99 Don't know if you have a store near you?
I have just bought a Salter Digital scales and I swear by them I know they are right! The best scales I have ever had and they analyse my BMI and record my details to look at later too!

They are even better than my CDC's ones. I shall be using mine from now on.
well i bought the salters weight watchers scales and they weigh me 4lb heavier than my other sets i am taking them with me to my next cdc weigh in to see what her scales read .
I like the surreal ones that you get from 'in my dreams', whatever number they read they allow my brain to believe that i am soooo much lighter than that. Weighing in at 11.9 somehow my brain transposes that to 9.11 so i can have that wee munchie i'm needing or the glass of wine or the packet of crisps!! I'm back to it again on Monday after a long while off so i'll have to look at the scales without my rose tinted glasses on!
As I'm a CDC I needed scales that have a large capacity...

I bought Salter digital scales that go up to 31.5stones. They are accurate... no matter how many times i stand on them, I weigh exactly the same!!


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I purchased a set of digital scales accurate to 4oz from Tesco, own brand, £6 in the sale and they are superb. Weigh exactly the same as my CDCs salter scales, and haven't wavered yet. Lucky buy I think!!
I have some by homedics. They're really accurate and give you the breakdown of BMI, % water although I'm not sure how accurate these features are.
ive bought salter and they are accurate they have the same weight if you get on a couple of times, i used to have weight watchers and your weight would magically jump up or down 5lbs if you stepped on them again or in a slightly different place they went in the bin maybe i had a faulty set but i wouldnt get ww again
I will take them with me the next time i get weighed and see what the difference is between my cdc and mine ..i would love a set of collum ones but couldnt afford them x

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