Step2 810kcal Goodbye 1 stone :-)

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  1. 10June2014

    10June2014 Full Member

    Wow, can't believe I have lost a stone already! I love the Cambridge Plan :)

    I was 14 stone 5 1/4 lb on 10th June but today I am 13 stone 5 1/4 lb - took just 24 days and I feel fabulous :)

    Just another 2 stone to lose. At least I'm a third of the way now. Losing 1 stone however will give me a BMI of 25 and in the 'healthy' range.

    I was a tight size 16, not quite comfortable in a 14 just yet, but do need a belt to keep my jeans up in 16's now.

    I need a new belt too, I'm down to the last notch on my current M/L belt.

    Hope everyone else on the CD is as happy with their weight losses this week
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  3. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    Fantastic well done.xx. keep up the great work.xx
  4. KaraAlicia

    KaraAlicia Feeling Positive

    well done :) xxx
  5. 10June2014

    10June2014 Full Member

    So happy today as I got to 13 stone 3lb - this means that if I have 2 inch heels on I would be 6ft, and hence my BMI would be a healthy 25 :)
  6. 10June2014

    10June2014 Full Member

    Getting so close to my goal weight now, and only 4lb off a BMI of 25, however I am about to board a train to go on holiday for a couple of days and dreading how I'm going to manage out of my daily eating/shaking routine :-/ I don't want to go out of ketosis either. I do love the weight loss on this diet, but I suppose like with any strict eating regime, these things are sent to test us! lol
  7. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    Have a fab few days hun.x
  8. 10June2014

    10June2014 Full Member

    Thankyou :)

    I really was quite worried about the food side of the holiday, especially as I didn't want my youngest to know and luckily she didn't even notice that I had no food lol Drinking so much fluid and finding loos was the trickiest part!

    Been doing this 7 weeks today and I couldn't be happier, just one more pound to go and that will be 2 stone gone.

    My BMI today is 25 - that is now in the 'normal' range!! I don't feel a normal size though, I have quite a bit of toning to do I think :-/

    Just 4 more weeks of this to go and I should have a BMI of 23 - hopefully, and by my goal date too.

    For anyone thinking of doing this plan, I can highly recommend it!!
  9. 10June2014

    10June2014 Full Member

    Nearly 28lb gone, just 14lb to go - feeling so great about this now as I near the end, just one third of it left to lose.

    I reckon I could do it in 4 weeks as I'm on Step 2, so hopefully I should be at my goal of 11 stone 6 lb on 27th August.

    I chose that goal because it's a BMI of 23 and also because it's exactly one stone under the magic BMI figure of 25 and therefore if I was to slip/had a holiday/over indulgent evening or week then I would still be in the normal range to get back on track again.

    My BMI today is 25 and normal, however if I lose even half a pound by tomorrow then my BMI will be 24.9 which will feel sooooooo good :)

    I didn't have a very good opinion of Cambridge before I started this and knowing a few people that did it and how it affected them, but I can honestly say how fantastic it has been for me. I think some days that it has been better than my usual diet even if only for the nutrition value of the shakes, and I've felt great from the beginning, never even had a single headache. I have followed it religiously though 100 %
  10. Willpowerwoman!

    Willpowerwoman! Silver Member

    Well done on your loss so far your sounding really motivated and positive! You'll be at goal in no time!

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  11. 10June2014

    10June2014 Full Member

    Thankyou, yes hopefully at goal in 4 weeks :)

    I heard someone say that it takes 8 weeks for people to notice your weight loss. It's been 8 weeks on Tuesday for me, and I can't believe how many people have made lovely comments, it's really great. I haven't confessed to any that I've been doing this Cambridge Plan though yet, going to wait until I get to goal. They think that just because I've cut out sugary foods that I've dropped a dress size!! yeah right. I reckon just cutting out the sugary foods would have taken me a year to get to where I am right now, a 2 stone loss. I'm in a comfy size 14 now and am happy enough with that, can't imagine ever getting into a 12 again but fingers crossed and I'll try some on in 4 weeks :)

    I wish I had started this weight loss diary from the beginning now and taken photos, but I couldn't bear a photo at that time. For anyone starting out on this, do it, take lots of before pictures!
  12. Pops78

    Pops78 Full Member

    I've not told anyone either just said I've cut out carbs and no alcohol. I can't wait to buy some new clothes that are not labelled size 22!!!!!

    Keep going. Your doing so well x
  13. Willpowerwoman!

    Willpowerwoman! Silver Member


    You'll def do it as I said your so in the zone and that's most of the battle. It may take 8 weeks on a usual diet but I expect people notice far quicker on vlcds. It's a great feeling when people start to notice. I'm just starting out but can't wait to notice myself let alone other people! :) x

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  14. 10June2014

    10June2014 Full Member

    Thankyou Pops78 and Willpowerwoman! :)

    Well, it's been 2 months today that I started this Cambridge diet and 31.5 lb have magically disappeared! I can't quite believe it really, I knew I would and could stick to it as the end goal was something I really wanted.

    Size 14's fit perfectly and in fact in some stores clothing they are quite generous (Tesco F&F) and I may be a size 13 if such a size existed! lol I have a baggy belly still, but that is because I haven't exercised and toned yet, and in fact I could attribute some of the lb I have yet to lose to the weight of said excess skin, but hey ho. I have a well defined chin now. Still wish I had taken 'before' photos, but I really couldn't bear the thought at the time and wouldn't entertain the idea even. Anyway, I can tell with clothes, I've chucked all size 16's now so I'm not tempted to go back there.

    Less than 10lb to go now, and the weight loss rate is slowing down greatly, I was losing about 3.5 lb a week in the first few weeks, but it's more like 2.5lb a week now, so we're talking just 4 more weeks of Step 2 and then I'm going to move up the steps properly and with advice from my consultant.

    Food is going to be a battle though. I enjoy just having one main meal a day, and I've had the same meal every single day now for 62 days and at the same time. I know it's completely OCD but I've had this since being a child, it's the OCD which has helped with this diet actually. I can't believe how long I've gone without sugary foods and I'm really, really hoping I can keep that up. I used to have such sugar spikes and I knew my body couldn't cope with sugar but I still continued with the calorific sugar intake :-/

    Anyway, that's 2 months down and less than a month to go, so hopefully this time next month I'll be at that all important target, wooohooooooo :-D
  15. 10June2014

    10June2014 Full Member

    Wooooohooooooo :-D :-D I can't quite believe it! The scales started with the number 11 this morning!!! OOOMMMMGGGG

    It's my weigh in day today, so that's 9 weeks to the day since I started this. 2 stone 5.5 pounds gone and less than 8lb to go now. How very easy was that!

    I never, never, ever, ever want the scales to start with a 12, 13 or 14 ever, ever again ...... ever!

    I feel euphoic this morning as you can tell, it's mega early and nobody is up in the house to tell of my super news (though I don't much think anyone in the house could care less mind). I've hidden this diet from my housemates, they don't realise I've only had an 800 -900 calorie intake, probably because they see me eating plenty and cooking fresh food still, so glad I did Step 2.
  16. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    Well done hun, that's amazing. I posted a very similar post to this yesterday :) x

    Total loss on cambridge - 3 stone 5lb :)
  17. 10June2014

    10June2014 Full Member

    Thankyou Lizwhite29 :)

    I've just read your post too, lol, it is a magical feeling isn't it just the scales starting with a different number. I've not made it into the 15's before but 14 6 was my highest recorded. I'd be more than happy to just stay at quarter of a pound under the 12 stone mark really and it's only just minutely in the 11's but I need a 'buffer zone'. Just a mouthful of water would put me back into the 12's lol

    My target weight is about the same as yours too, just one pound less. I did choose 11 7 as my magic number at first, but then thought if I make it 11 6 I can say to myself that I weight less than 11 and a half! Ridiculous really I know!! lol

    You've done incredibly well, almost 3 and a half stone! Are you sticking with CD to go up the steps too?
  18. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    I think eventually I'd like to be 10 stone anything but set myself 11.7 as that seemed so low at the time and never dreamed I'd get there!!!

    I came to a complete stop losing on ss and step 2 so went to see a personal trainer about 5 weeks ago and been weaning myself off cambridge and eating more. Doing clean eating/paleo diet now eating loads of protein as she's put me on a weight training programme. I run 4 times a week and do weight every other day. Feel fab now :)

    When are you planning on moving up? X

    Total loss on cambridge - 3 stone 5lb :)
  19. 10June2014

    10June2014 Full Member

    Ooooo yes, 10 stone anything would be good! A personal trainer would be good too!! I'm looking forward to getting back into exercise and running again, the weight I piled on caused havoc with my knees and so the knock on effect began. Does your personal trainer guide you with food too or just the exercise side? I really have a lot to learn as I'm not very imaginative with cooking :-/

    I'm finding now that the target is in sight (under 6lb for me to go now) I wanted to move the goal post and make it under 11 stone to target but not sure, I think I would look too skinny really and although I don't/didn't like looking overweight, I prefer overweight to the skinny look IYKWIM. Or I may even use my target weight day to be the day that I start on Step 3. I need to get back to normal eating shortly really, I had originally set myself a 12 week timescale to go from start to back to normal again.

    Tried size 12's on today ...... didn't fit, but not too far off ha ha

    Wowser, you're within 3lb of your target now Lizwhite, how fabulous! Nearly there :)
  20. Daisy_Duke13

    Daisy_Duke13 Full Member is really helpful seeing your posts. I am within half a stone of my goal weight. The weight loss has slowed RIGHT down. Only lost a lb in ten days. Wonder if I need to go up a step, my friends whose a counsellor said yes. I am worried about not having the Cambridge crux anymore. It's suiting me having my three Cambridge and a meal and I can't see how it won't pile back on. Are you finding maintaining okay? How did you find the personal trainer- did they say anything about Cambridge. Sorry so many questions x
  21. 10June2014

    10June2014 Full Member

    Tried size 12's on last night ........... and bought them!! woop woop, perfect fit

    Being a size 12 wasn't even on my original list of goals as I didn't contemplate it as even being achievable. I really wish now that I had started off a diary from the beginning if even to see how my aspirations have changed over time. If someone had told me 10 weeks ago I could have gone from where I was to where I am now, I really wouldn't have believed them quite frankly, achieving my own personal goals, and then some more :)

    4 pounds to go

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