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Got to get down to this seriously now!

Well I feel like I have lapsed too many times on this diet so far, every time I have a disappointment I eat to cheer up! I've been lucky to lose a stone and a half easily even with cheats but since the losses stalled I've started eating more and more.

So tomorrow, NO more messing! I will refrain from daily weighing, I will be on these forums daily for help and inspiration, I will push myself to get enough water down me and I will not give up until I'm done!

I am going to renew my ticker tomorrow so it's as if I'd never been 17.2 and I'm starting at 15.12 which is my current weight. I just feel like I need to dismiss the last few weeks and have a fresh start. I can and I will do this! Xx
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There you are.....I was worried!!!

Glad you are back. YOu can and will do this. We are all right here with you.

I need help at the moment i am starting to struggle. but we will get there x
I just read your post Hun, please don't keep stressing about it. This isn't easy, but we can do it! PM me if you wanna chat xxx
Lois you can do this, you know you can.......you just need to get about 3 days 100% under your belt and get back on track.....I had a couple of bad weeks, didn't really cheat as such. I had to have some protein (pharmacists advice) but I felt that it really affected my motivation. Fortunately I've managed to get through but it was touch and go for a couple of days....one day at a time that's all you can do and focus on how good you'll feel on weigh in day! I'm sure that I'm going to have a reasonable loss this week and it's really encouraging me to stick at it....

Oh and look to Daisy and Emma and the girls on maintenance for inspiration, they're no different to you and me, just managed to stick at it a bit longer! XXXXXXX
Just wanted to add my support! You are doing so well, you must really be noticing the diference in how you look and feel! This diet is hard but sooo worth it. Sticking to it 100% is the best way to ensure you reach your goal, little cheats lead to bigger cheats (don't ask!!) but it's not forever!Good on you for your renewed commitment! Let us all know how you get on.
How's it going today Lois? I'm thinking of you x
Hope you are ok Lois... I am sure you can do this.. If i can, anyone can... I have no motivation, and am a greedy moo!!! Please stick at it hun... We are all rooting for you x x x
There you are lois! I was worried about you after us 'golden girls' kinda hyjacked your thread a little the other day (sorry) We all want to support you so log on everytime you feel low huni. It will soon be xmas party time!! You can do this xxx
Thankyou so much for all your continued support ladies, it means so so much.

I have done well, still not 100% as I had a milky coffee this morning and a diet coke this PM. BUT that's such a big improvement. They were silly cheats to have though so will not be doing that again.

I am really feeling it now though, I CAN do this, this is my time to finally get to a place I am happy with.

Just been looking at all my 'thin' clothes and put them in size order. 3 weeks from now I will have a try on and see how many fit :) xx

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