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GP Exercise referral

I got referred to an exercise programme in my area, basically they weigh and measure you and you get to go to a range of exercise classes in various centres and venues at a reduced price (they said £1 a class to me). It was no good for me personally because ironically I'm too busy with gym and karate to go to any of them! But would be great for someone who wanted to start exercise but didn't know where to start so give it a go!


gunna be a fatty for ever
i am on a gp referal ! basically its £1.50 pr session and i can go as many times as i like a week for 6 months! i get weighed once a month by the nurse.

the gym is anything you would like to do! classes swimming or gym t selected venue! its fab! i hve review every 6 weeks or so to change my work out! i never do any thing i dont want to!

if u need any more info just assk :)



gunna be a fatty for ever
oh dear! that doesnt sound to good hehe! my gym is only a small one and i got on really well with the girl and shes always askin me how im finding my program etc!

Wow thats good- today I went to the gym and it ended up costing me nearly £10- £5.50 for the gym and £3.50 for an hour in the creche for my son, I can see why most people dont bother its so expensive to live a healthy lifestyle- especially in the winter when you cant go out for walks ect.. I have an appointment with the nurse next week so i am going to ask her about it

Laura xx


gunna be a fatty for ever
oooh a crech! mine doent have one of them!!

mind you i wouldnt want one at £3.50 a pop heheheh

defo worth askin her about!! its ace! im always saying mum u got £1.50 spare (hehehe still dogging her for money at 24)! where as if it was like 30 quid a month coming outta me bank id be like waaaaaaaaaaaa how much heheh

let us know what she says!

I asked my GP about a Gym referral and they said they don't do that. :( Maybe it's a Scotland thing. To be honest I think I would rather stay put with my Wii Fit anyway, can use it anytime I wan't and it doesn't feel like exercise to me !
I have been referred, but there is only the leisure centre thats part of the scheme locally. Im on the waiting list, but it isnt half as good as Kaes, we just get 2 sessions a week, at a time they dictate, for £1 a time, 12 sessions total. THATS IT!!
The one near me is the local lesuire center which im a member of anyway.. i was offered teh scheme but there was a waiting list so i decided to join on my own.. i pay 25 a month and thats unlimited use of pool , gym and all classes ohh and the health suite (jacuzzi suana and steam room) we also get use of squash,tennis and running courts

works out at less then 80p a day to use the gym every day and then theres all the extras i use so for me its a good deal

the GP one was 3 sessions a week at 1.50 a session and its only on a certain time of the week.
Im gona use it as a bit of a 'try before you buy'. You can get off peak gym and swimming at the same place, unlimited for£20 a month but no classes included:(
Im gona chase them up tomoro
that sounds kool coz for a class a week wouldnt be a fiver dont think so works out okay xx

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