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GP Programme

not all gps i think.. but im not entirely sure cos i get mine from the pharmacy. have u checked on the lipotrim website? it costs 36 pounds a week :)
I asked my GP and he didnt do it, but he offered to monitor and weigh me every week, but there would be a charge. I just wanted to go to my GP as its closer than the Pharmacy that I attend.
I decided to go to the Pharmacy as they are trained on lipotrim.
yeh its probably better to go to the pharmacy cos they seem to have more time on their hands too! dont know about everyone else but my GP is always so busy :) all the best x
Thats a great bit of information, i'll check with my Dr!
I think some of the gps will do it if ya ask them but I have to warn ya though the NHS has just signed up another program and they are asking all doctors to recommend it to their patients, we had a conference on it a few weeks ago, it was called weightogo. Personally I thought it was too expensive comparing to LT and I am a firm believer if it aint broke dont fix it. If ya really want to do it at your gp, show them that ya are determined to lose weight and ya will be surprised they might even say yes if they havent already set it up!! Anyways gud luck, leme know how ya get on, take care

You'd think in this day and age the way they talk about tackaling obesity all docs would be doing it
Yea thats why they have eventually set up with this other crowd, I would rather have LT than the one that they are trying to recommend
:doh: oh hang on sorry, ya are on the guys one which yas take 4 a day so thats why its dearer
As I remember Hope hospital had a weightloss clinic which was the ONLY NHS clinic to be self-funding and they used Lipotrim. I know things have moved on since I started on Lipotrim but there was a waiting list for that clinic & the cost through a GP was £12.

£55 is excessive - are you having more shakes than usual?

Miss_Unknown, I work in General Practice and we have not seen anything about this new 'partnership' can you tell me any more?
Hiya Helen,

I work as a medical doctor in the hospital. We were at a conference a few months before xmas in south wales about obesity in patients and the NHS have backed weight to go and wants all doctors to back this program and mention to patients before offering surgery as a first option as the cost of surgery is huge and they want to go back on that if possible. I am surprised it hasn't been mentioned but in saying this its not coming into play until 2010 and you still have to pay £48 a week so whether its by the nhs or the weight to go program itself. Not saving anything but we are advised to discuss this with patients as a first way of losing weight. If ya need anymore information please let me know.

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