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GP stopped tablets. Bugger.

Just got back from docs and she's stopped the tablets. My blood pressure is too high apparently and she doesnt think they are helping me anyway. She said its stress that is making it high and I said dieting stringently and losing very little weight is stressful in itself, which she agreed with, and suggested I up my exercise to try and increase my metabolic rate. Big help (not). I'm still gonna follow a low fat diet and will still be posting on this forum, cos I like it better than SW.
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B*gger -I really sympathise with you there. I had a brief spell on reductil, but they had to be stopped because my blood pressure was way too high. It kind of felt like my crutch was being taken away, and I'm ashamed to say that I behaved like a stubborn little kid, declined the offer to carry on being weighed regularly by the nurse (without the tablets), went away, sulked and ate!
It sounds like you've got a much better attitude than I had though - Slimming World is an excellent plan to follow and I'm sure you'll do well with or without the tablets... This forum seems like a great source of support too. I'm new here (but not to dieting, unfortunately) but I can see that already.


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Well all you can do is follow the doctors orders, dont let this get you down you can still loose weight by following a healthy diet and exercise without or without Xenical.


gunna be a fatty for ever
OH NOOOO! hope u r ok! sw is fab but the section is not as friendly as this one is it? I still posted on here when i stopped taking my tabs before christmas and its what kept me going!

good luck on sw and good on ya for going back to the docs to get weighed! hope your bp settles a little! just chill woman hehe

luve katie


Go on smile! =)
but the section is not as friendly as this one is it?
No cos i dont post over there. :|


gunna be a fatty for ever
got it in one red" hehe


starting again!
I'm so sorry but sounds like you're handling well and hope you can continue with the diet and loosing weight. Good luck in your next week, please keep posting and we'll help you stay on track.
Aw, thanks you guys. Feeling more positive this morning, the tabs are more of a crutch than anything, I'm not gonna let the lack of them knock me back. I'm working on my self esteem, I'm stronger than I've ever been, I know I deserve to be slim, and I know its within my power to lose the weight. GOT TO GET MORE EXERCISE!!! I have faith in myself and in you lot to support me. Thanks a million.
Great attitude! You can do this! xx
this section is friendly but we are biast lol we are like a family here :) its nice .. weather your taking xenical or not your welcome here :)

and try and stil keep to the low fat guidelines and up your exercise we will still be here to pick you up xxx


Go on smile! =)
Great attitude! Keep us posted dont be a stranger x


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keep that chin held high like you are and you will get anywhere you want!! We are all still here to support you and here when you need us!!!!

Hope the slimming world works!!

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