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Greetings from John

Hi All :wave_cry:,
Just got myself registered after starting a Lipotrim diet on Monday.

Looking at my weight and not being able to get a grip to lose it, a wonderful 9 month old son and the prospect of all manner of bad health issues on the horizon:cry: - it seemed daft not to grab the fat bull by the horns and wrestle it down.

Started on Monday after an enjoyable week-end eating my fave foods and drinking my fave wines (not to excess I might add!).

Been a bit of a rollercoaster since then, a bit of light-headiness, stomach cramps and nausea but......I’ve not been feeling hungry and weight seems to be coming off nicely thank-you-very-much :D.

The thing I miss most is cooking in the kitchen for my wife and sitting down to eat an enjoyable meal with a nice bottle of red. When I’ve got a grip on the diet, I hope to at least still cook for her and sit down at the table eating my food with her enjoying the food I’ve prepared for her – but early doors eh?

The story so far…………………

Found the shakes OK – surprised I favoured the choccie over the vanilla as I normally like vanilla over choccie!

Flapjacks – surely trade descriptions would have something to say about that title but coconut far better than the peanut ones (although I couldn’t taste the peanuts!).

Chicken soup(ish) – found one measure too much. As I’m on a male diet, I’ve found it better to use half a portion of soup with slightly more water (500ml) – it seems to make it more soupy. I use my other half portion the next day. To make up my quota of portions, I have my flapjack in the morning and dunk it in a nice cup of tea – still got some habits to preserve after all eh!

Day 1 – fine.
Day 2 – slight tummy ache + headaches.
Day 3 – same as 2
Day 4 – feeeeeelin good.
Day 5 – pm – bad stomach ache + nausea but after phoning the Pharmacist, he advised that I should try some carbonated water which knocked that on the head.

Day five was a bit of a scare as I was worried I might have to come off it and re-feed but now I’m back on track and looking forward to my first weigh in on Monday.

Look forward to all the support and comments Mini-Mins offers

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Like a Renegade Master
well done so far, and welcome to this forum, it blooming brilliant !
Hi, welcome. Im on day 5 too! great weight loss so far, ive lost 12lb in 5 days its great isnt it!!!
Hi there, fab start, it gets easier after first weigh in. Keep going it is so worth it :)
Hi LJ,

Thanks for the response - it sure is!

It seems too good to be true - getting through this first week with these sort of results keeps me going.

I hope the following weeks are effective enough to keep me keen :).
Hi I like cooking to and managed to start doing a nice meal on day 4. Its weird though because you have no idea if it tastes ok is there enough salt herbs sugar etc. I would say rope youre lucky wife in as the taster and do not even lick youre fingers.
Good luck
Hey there! Welcome to the forum. I have reached week 1 today and I'm feeling so good! My first weigh in revealed an amazing 11lb loss! I am so happy. I wouldn't have got here without the support from everyone on here though! Good luck and keep going no matter what! xxx

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