Griddle Pan???


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Griddle pans are usually made from cast iron and they have ridges in the base these are what marks with the food with charred marks as on steaks chicken breast etc.

You get the pan really hot and just lightly spray with oil when smoking add whatever your cooking.Personally I dont think grilling wouldnt give the same effect.

They are like the George Foreman plates that sear the food.

Hope this has helped a bit Im not very good at explaining what I mean. :D

Margery Dawe

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If you haven't got one, just use a dry frying pan.


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With griddle pans you should spray the food to stop it sticking to the pan.


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i havent got a griddle pan, i just use my george foreman and its the same - love my george!!


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Wow, I'm glad you lot all explained it, cos I was having trouble wording it! A pan with raised bits doesn't sound quite the same! Ha ha!!

I've got one and part of it is tilted so all the fat can run clear from the food.

hehe, thanks so much for explaining it, i did know what you meant :)