Grrr.... don't know what diet to do.

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  1. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Well-Known Member

    Hrllo fellow miniminers.
    Well here I am again. Last year I was nearly at goal with calorie counting.

    Since then I've put a stone on. Ive been going backwards and forwards between calorie counting and slimming world.

    I don't know what to do. I can't seem to keep to anything for more than a few days. Getting really fed up now.

    I only have 21 lb to lose. Just need some motivation.

    I was being really good till an hour ago when I just had 2 packs of mini chocolate biscuits maltesers and other chocolates. Its almost like I get possessed and just eat and eat although I don't want the chocolate. I've always done this.

    I need a kick or something. How can I get out of this rut?


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  3. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Well-Known Member

    Btw when I was doing cc I had 1600 per day. Im 5ft 3 ave build.

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  4. Clanger72

    Clanger72 Well-Known Member

    Your not alone, this time last year i reached my goal and then i completely relaxed, stopped counting the cals & went back to my old way of eating and lo and behold regained a stone. It's taken me a year to get my butt back in gear but now I'm on a mission to shed this stone plus a few extra buffer pounds!!
  5. Domane

    Domane Well-Known Member

    It's not just you. I maintained from October until Christmas and then gained half stone "festive layer" which I have found really REALLY hard to find the motivation to start to re-lose! Have you tried intermittent fasting? I do this alongside CC and it helps the weight come off quicker. I'm an impatient dieter (aren't we all) and like to see consistent fast results... works for me :)
  6. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the comments. I am back on track from today. Feel quite motivated atm. I will do this.

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  7. Domane

    Domane Well-Known Member

    I think it's good to chop and change occasionally. I started off last May doing SW's green days. I LOVE carbs and I did lose a little weight. Then a chance remark on here made me question my eating habits. In a thread about green days someone had written "I don't eat carbs because they make me bloated and sluggish". Well, yes I was bloated but I thought my tummy was just "me" and yes I was sluggish, but being a month off 50 at the time, I attributed that to the menopause. So as an experiment I swapped to red days for a week... cut my carbs back to virtually nil, cut out bread and swapped my minimal carbs to wholemeal pasta and brown rice. OMG... a week later, my stomach was washboard flat and I had so much energy.

    I spent the summer reading up on the science of nutrition and eventually settled on a combo that suited me perfectly. I took up running, I did 5:2 fasting, I went low-carb and low-fat and I calorie-counted, using MFP to log everything. It took a few weeks for me to tweak everything to the right balance but when I did, I never felt hungry and lost 1.5-2lbs per week consistently (if I didn't cheat) I hit target in October, having lost just over three stone.

    Admittedly, half the battle is finding the right mindset but I just told myself that I didn't wake up fat one morning. The weight went on slowly so it would take time to come off too. I committed to myself and it worked. It CAN be done. You just have to find the willpower and determination. Now I'm proud to admit that I get a bigger high from a good run* than a chocolate biscuit....

    *or a handful of raw nuts.... I'm really into them these days.....
  8. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your comments. You have done remarkable.

    Just been reading some of your posts. Well done.

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