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hairloss"""""""" need help fast please

ok first diet ive been able to stick to ever ( cd) but i already got thinning hair genetic i think and its got worse last 3 weeks loads dont no if its cd or naturally thinning but even if its not due to cd yet by the time i get the thinning from cd there will be nothing left its so depressing what can i do is there any thing i can take i just dont no what to do as fat is kinda ecceptable but bald woman is not really publicly accepted ........ sorry to drone on :wave_cry::cry:
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I think that VLCD do have this as a side effect, I dont know much about it myself, but I wanted to move the thread up for you


Will be slim!!!!!!!
i was on lighter life about 2 years ago, only for a month or so because i became really unwell from it. and during and after i finished i lost loads of hair and i was only 18! it is scary at the time but hair grows back and mine grew back thicker and healthier so iwouldnt worry too much, if you are worried maybe talk to you cdc or doctor? xxxx
i lost a lot of hair my lot always complain about my hair in the bath or in the plug hole but i can feel little bits of new hair coming through even though i think ive lost loads ive pleanty left no bald patches
Don't worry, it happens all the time. I am the unofficial queen of hairloss paranoia, just ask the others.
There is a lot of threads on here regarding hairloss and most questions will be answered. Unfortunately there isn't anything you can do now but I'm assured the hair grows back. I have very long hair and refuse to have it cut so I'm hoping it won't be too bad as well.

It's not just VLCD's actually. It happens aparently on every diet, and after child birth and other shocks to the system like that..

I hope we'll all be fine with a slimline figure and a full head of hair..



Will be slim!!!!!!!
its also to do with the fact that when you're on a low calorie diet your body looks after all the important things, and hair and nails arn't on that list so you're body doesnt grow any new hair and nails dont get longer, and the body trys to hang onto all the hair you have, so when you come off the diet all the hair that should of fallen out naturally daily will come out at once but thats all it is and will soon come back xxxx
thx jackie , im trying not to look in the mirror at my hair last few days as to be honest theres nine in bath or brush just looks real thin more than usual so i guess my thinning hasent started yet from cd god helps me wen it does lol god is cruel :( no toast , no sauasge in crusty stick with mustard !!!! AND NO BLOODY HAIR!!!!!!!1 ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

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