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Hannata's CCD: awol


I can haz cake?
Hi everyone, back on the horse for good. Dusted down the cobwebs from MFP and I'm ready to go. :p

Going to get my hide back to my weightwatchers class, basically for the weigh in only. I cannot keep to any diet plan without someone weighing me!! And the new propoints scheme is so freakin muddly, no one seems to have a notion of what they are doing! So i'll stick to ccing I think.

I'm attempting to low carb as well so im counting that too :)

Today I've had:

S: babybel light x 2 - 80 calories - 0 carbs
B: natural greek style yoghurt - 100g - 145 cals 11g carbs
B: 2 walnuts - 50 cals - 0.6 carbs
L: Tesco Just Ham Sandwich - 240 cals, 33.9g carbs

Total: 515 cals, 45.5g carbs
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Good luck :)

About the weight watchers thing, seems like a waste of money to me if you're not actually doing weight watchers. I went years ago and I think you had to pay every week right? Do you think it would be enough to post your losses on here once a week, like would it still keep you on track? It's definitely helped me. Makes me more accountable I guess. If not, then maybe weight watchers weigh ins are right for you :)


I can haz cake?
god damn it! I'm so stupppppiid :( Had a bad food day today... I did have my personal trainer last night so hopefully thats evened out the score a bit

Going to ww tonight.. It does seem like a waste of money, but the way i see it is, I need the weigh ins.. and the time I'm sitting with people like me... and we all have good fun in general. And its time out of everything else going on... for me to focus on what I want!

Really need to get my focused head on or else I'll be back to 20 odd stone again! Weighed myself this morning at 18'5!! Have been dipping in and out of the 17s for about 6 months and it HAS TO STOP. :(

I've got a few of you on MFP (if anyone else wants an add do say ^_^) and hopefully itll keep me on the straight and narrow xx
Least you're getting the exercise in too! Feel free to add me, I'm bostik on MFP too.


I can haz cake?
added you all :)

I had a demon in my head saying buy chocolate tonight, but I actually don't feel like it... the curry filled me up...It's sitting there and I might have a bar rather than the 2 or 3 my head wanted me to have

So possibly a good thing as me and ma friends have planned to go bowling tomorrow night and a visit to maccie d's will be in order. Just gotta be good through the day and try and not overdo it. Thank god for nutritional info eh :p

Got weighed tonight post heavy lunch... weighed in at 18'5 at home and 18'7 at weightwatchers. Going by ww scales for my official weigh ins. So glad I got into the right mindframe before I hit the 19s again... I would've been distraught!!! :(

So I'll have to try and fit in some exercise in the week.... hopefully. :) Starting to officially count calories tomorrow as well...woot.
good luck with the diet, i get what you mean about needing to be weighed, i do tend to struggle when i'm doing it alone but i am finding the support on here is brilliant so i'm not missing the weigh in so much at the moment.


I can haz cake?
I tried to go it alone but failed... I think its just the social aspect of it thats useful for me... and despite the fact its a talk about weightwatchers... a lot of the stuff follows through in any healthy eating diet. :)

So today is a tricky one.... Going bowling tonight and thats always an eat fest. We usually end up getting chippy before we go then maccie d's in the evening (around 11) so I've had to try to restrain myself.. lol.. curse having male friends who have an empty pit of a stomach!!! :p

S: protein shake - 96 cals
b: oats so simple original - 98 cals - milk 200ml - 98 cals
L: cup a soup leek and potato - 115 cals krisprolls x2 102 cals
D: chippy chips 237 cals
S: slush puppy 100 cals
D: maccie d's cheeseburger 295 cals, fries 330 cals

total: 1471/1480 calories

oh and I have a 2litre bottle that I intend to drink, with a bit of SF squash
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sounds yummy! Love it that I can incorporate chips and stuff into my cals if I want :)


I can haz cake?
omn nom nom chips :3 Cannot wait!

I had my cuppa soup and krispbreads.... Love the potato and leek because it goes nice and thick :3 And instead of buttering the krispbreads like I normally do, I broke them up and threw them in as a cheats crouton :p only they're only 51 cals each and a good size to make a few croutons! Bit of an achievement there lol!


I can haz cake?
ARGH..... now apparently we're not going out after all because people can't be arsed to organise themselves...*grumbles*...

I said to my sister to ask them all YESTERDAY. This is a regular thing we do so they all know about it... and one of the guys now can't make it, my sister decides to tell me a few short hours before we go... the most annoying thing is none of them have to plan their eating around things like this and now I feel grumpy cause i've not eaten a lot to treat myself, and now I have LOADS of calories to use and I'll have to do the same bloody thing again tomorrow because they decided thats when it suits them... ffs. ARHGHGHGHG

hmm i could get some chippy chips and have a ww meal with it instead... maybe.


I can haz cake?
blahblah i had 3 babybel lights last night that I shouldn't have had :( Least it was that rather than 3 chocolate bars....

Now we're going bowling tonight so I've got to conserve my calories again...... urgh. I swear if this gets cancelled I'll kill someone =P

b: oats so simple original - 98 cals - milk 200ml - 98 cals
L: cup a soup leek and potato - 115 cals krisprolls x2 102 cals
D: chippy chips 237 cals
S: slush puppy 100 cals
D: maccie d's cheeseburger 295 cals, fries 330 cals


think i'll leave the extra 100... make up for yesterday and hopefully make a dent even with me eating rubbish....

Not a great start to my first week, but my scales are showing a loss anyway... thats the beauty of week 1 haha

Seems like im cursed today as well.... got up this morning, put my shoes on... was like...hmm is there a stone in my shoe.... it was a freakin earywig!!!! ARgh!!! Then my tax disc kept falling off my window and then the bag i had my 2l bottle in ripped, and beanie wasnt on great form this morning either.. didn't eat his food! (my cat) :(
Hey don't worry about it. I had 2 cheese burgers and a large still fanta last night. It was absolutley heavenly!! (haven't had a Maccy D's for about 6 months)
Just draw a line under it chick. :) xx
Popping in to say hi

By the way I have been cheeky and added a few of you to MFP as I was friendless hehe...anyway, keep up the good work, I am planning on starting CC properly tomorrow as I have been following SW, but I want more control, as mad as that may sound and a better loss, need to sort my portion control out....I also need to buy some decent food scales as mine are poop, need to go digital so I can be more accurate!
anyway, I will be popping back in to see how ya getting on and hopefully see you on MFP (not that I know how it works properly yet) x good luck x


I can haz cake?
yep yep anyone that wants to add me is welcome, you don't need my permission heh :p

I had a toastie last night which was fabbbbbulous. Corned beef, and a babybel. about 300 calories give or take.. :3

Today I'm feeling pretty woeful... Got a shocking migraine and they always bring sugar temptations for some reason. Think they are caused by my blood glucose being too low and that seems to kick off a hunger. But even if I had sugar now its too late to "cure" the migraine.

Had a tunnocks caramel thing calculated into my lunch but ended up having it long before lunch, at about half 12..

I've eaten more calories than I normally would have by this time of the day... got 639 to play with for dinner.

Trying to get water down me but I know that before long I'm gonna get the raging pressure in my head and i'll be on the toilet with violent sickness... so itll all be pointless....yaaaay

just feeling proud that i'm sticking to it because migraines usually send me to a MASSIVE sugar purge... i'll binge chocolate in EPIC proportions to try and counteract the pain, and end up boking it all back up again... So i'm doing okay. I'm really proud of myself :) xx
Well done for staying in control :) Hope you feel better soon

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