happy new year


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Short for my weight

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I'd also like to wish everybody a very happy and healthy 2010.

Hope we can all get back on track in the new year!!

Shorty xxx


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woooop happy new year to u kes!

been eating raindeer droppings and drank a whole bottle of wine! oooops! got the low fat curry waiting for me tho! heheh

thanks for all ur support hun! You mean loads to my weightloss! Couldnt have done it with out u

love kate


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Happy New Year (and a Happy New You) to all on this forum.
Reading all your posts have helped me greatly over the last month and I'd like to thank you all. I wish you all the best for 2010, may you all be winners in life and losers in weight.

Kims Dad


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Happy New Year everyone.

I really hope that in the year to come we all get what we want.

Thanks for all your support and help over the past 3 months.



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may you all be winners in life and losers in weight.

Love it....ditto that.

Happy new year to everyone. My resolution is to try and post a bit more on this forum. Hopefully restarting the xenical will prompt me x


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I'd also like to say Happy New Year to everyone :D

Now time to get the head down and get to work!


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happy new year guys!!!



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had a freakin fab 2009 soooo yesh happy new year girlies and heres to 2010.. which i hope will be better xx