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Hardest part for me, on SS.

I won't fail because that's not like me - but I have to say: The hardest part of this for me isn't wishing I could be snacking, or being hungry, etc.

Instead - it is when I make a nice dinner for my family, and I have to check it's cooled off, I have to check it tastes right, etc.

Having a taste makes me want to eat the lovely dinner I've made. NOT pig out on it - I don't mean that -

I just mean that well, I'm a great cook (not bragging, trying to make my point) and I like the food I make! LOL!

Anyway, that's what makes it hard for me. Not "hard" as in I want to cheat or anything because I don't. I just mean "hard" in a "morale" sense and how I have to leave the room whilst my family eats because it's hard to sit there and watch.

Other than that....I'm totally :D!
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I know I'd be the same, so my family have been told it's every man for themselves whilst I'm doing this, but my son is nearly 13 and capable of cooking (His mum taught him well!) My OH rarely eats at night as he gets great food at work all day.

I like cooking, and I'm creative, and like you I taste as I go to get it right, so until I'm ready to cook again they have said they will support me, and so far so good.
I'm with you on that one, i pride myself on my culinary skills and so am still cooking for my baby, but have told the hubster he has to sort himself out for a few weeks while i get used to this, i have to get out of the way while they are eating as it puts me in a bad mood lolol!
i no it can be hard,i am the same when i made dinner you have to make sure its cooked ok and warmed through ok,but now i have to get oh to do this. :)


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luckily for me, my husband is SS-ing as well. But I used to finish my daughters meals, eat her leftovers. Not because I was hungry, but just because I didn't want to trow perfectly good food away.
Now that I'm on the CD I became aware of exactly how much extra's I ate while doing that.
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Thats so true, i never realised how much i used to eat until i stopped (if that makes sense) which is why my husband has to help feed our baby now as i can't even bring myself to test the temperature of his food on my lip!! Had a mini heart attack the other day when i had licked my finger after spreading jam on his toast!!! Totally forgot!!!

My friends and rellys seem to think that this diet is some sort of miracle cure, but i keep explaining to them that yes, whilst the diet IS fab I am the one not eating anymore and making a lot of sacrifices! They seem to think that i am taking some sort of cop out route to weight loss!!! How little do they know!!!

Enjoy your evenings

H xxx
Dont talk to me about dinners - I had to make my family scampi and fried chips tonight with peas and mayo!! I cant believe that I didnt eat any and just had my shake. I do find it difficult to try and make this diet not an issue in front of my kids though.... stick with it you guys xx
mmmm scampi lolol that really is a tester!!

i seem to be finding it easier and easier at the moment, probably because i'm only 11 days in and so its still abit of a novelty, also my weight is still steadily coming down. I think it might get harder when i'm not losing as much but at the moment i feel really motivated!!

Keep it up girls :)



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@Sabab172: what an incredible willpower! Scampis are lovely and low on calories and carbohydrates, I don't know if I could have resisted the temptation.
Hi all! Sorry I've missed this thread out!

As our littlies are all 2 and under (twins and baby) I have to make 3 meals + snacks every day.

That's hard for me!

I can so understand everyone here.

Also <snark>I hate it that I cook/clean/cook/clean/cook/clean ad infinitum only to watch other people eat and also to pack up the lovely leftovers for Jim's lunch. Grrr!</snark>


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Also <snark>I hate it that I cook/clean/cook/clean/cook/clean ad infinitum only to watch other people eat and also to pack up the lovely leftovers for Jim's lunch. Grrr!</snark>

That's how I feel! I am making my other half loads of lovely healthy pack-ups each day. But as a trade, he makes my shake up for me and then we 'eat' together in the evenings. I find having a quick smell of whatever he is eating satisfies my cravings and I just focus on all the lovely HEALTHY food I will be able to eat when I get to my target!