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Has anyone else been through this???

Hi all,

I've been doing SW for 7 weeks and up until now i've found it a lot easier than i first thought it would be. I've eaten all the free foods i can and had my syns and HEs. I've even allowed myself the very very very rare takeaway :)

So why now after i've lots 12lbs and feel amazing do i want to eat nothing but crap??? I mean all i want is white bread, whole wheels of cheese, real chips, indian takeaway and all the haribo kiddie's mix in the world!!

If anyone else has been through this how did you regain control?

Bex xxx
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Yep - sure have :D

I think its to do with the 6/7week itch!

I watched a diet programme recently on tv & the presenter said that after 6/7weeks on a "diet" thats when the motivation dips & you will start to miss the foods you have cut out.

I basically allowed myself small portions of things, like when i desparatly wanted chocolate - I have a couple of celebrations, & for bread I did have a slice of toast.

It does get better though & you will get back on track.

I have been on SW 10 weeks or so now (joined begining of Jan). I am missing foods, but am trying to remain strong enough to resist a big splurge!!


I have had these feelings the best couple of weeks and have given in once and deeply regretted it.

I dont think there is an easy solution to be honest you just have to be strong and talk to yourself about why you are doing and feeling like you are and take control and not give in.

I so wanted an indian on saturday night and it was so hard not to give in, but I did and the next morning I was so chuffed I had got over the very strong craving I had for it.

I watched a programme a few weeks back about how some women lost weight with the GB cycling team and they were talking to a pschologist who says that women have an "inner chimp" who tries to take control of their cravings and drive you to eat crap, he says to talk to it and regain control of it, so thats what I do now :eek::D

Shes called Betsy and there is a picture in my signature, sounds slightly odd but it is working for me :D

good luck
I am sitting in exactly the same position. . . almost 8 weeks in and a loss of 17.5lbs BUT this week all I have wanted and indeed ate was rubbish, crisps, chips, chocolate and bread!

I wasn't going to go to my group tonight as I really don't want to have a recorded gain (insane I know) BUT I am going to group. I just need a kick in the bum.

I mean come on why on earth would we really want to put it all back on for the sake of a momentary pleasure (which if I'm being really honest isn't even really a pleasure)

Hopefully the both of us can get a good shake up and get back on track and continue to lose, after all it really does give you such a wonderful sense of achievement and you feel fantastic :)

Mrs V

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I have to agree...never avoid the scales after a blow out, its all too easy to slip back to old ways and gain the weight that you have worked so hard to loose in the first place.
As someone else has said, just have a little of the things that you are craving. However, why avoid an indian when you can eat it??
Chicken dhansak is 6.5 syns and if eaten on an EE day you can have the rice too! Also chicken jalfrezi is only 8.5 syns.


Chicken dhansak is 6.5 syns and if eaten on an EE day you can have the rice too! Also chicken jalfrezi is only 8.5 syns.
For me that would not have hit the spot, try onion bhaji, tandoori starter with kebab, bombay aloo poppadom with mango chutney and garlic nan and for that night tikka massalla with cashew pilau.

A little bit of all that would have done, but would have completely blown my syns out of the water :D


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I seldom really crave anything really badly enough to give in to temptations. They normally last a few minutes and vanish when I think of my fat clothes.
I did have the "blow out" this week with the pizza and hot choccie, but that was a first for me and certainly won't be a regular thing.
What I have been really craving for is pork scratchings. Been drooling at the thought for days. If WI is good to me this week I may cave in and have one packet. That for me is little...used to eat several in one sitting but don't want to go that route again. Perhaps the craving will subside!


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I agree with all of the above!! I have been really strong against my cravings, and am really proud!!!

Someone has said on here (and thanks to whoever it was as its really helped me!!) if you're not hungry for free food, you're not really hungry

It seems a simple sentance but there is much power in this when i have a 'crap craving'.

Usually my syns are used on 'good for you' things, an added HEX or some heated fruit etc. But on these days i change to have some of the things i want - so this is a good option, but when im out of syns it's all about will power!

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Don;t forget we are given syns so that no food is banned. Count it into your weekly syns and you can have anything you want.

As to 'if you're not hungry for free food then you're not hungry' then I'm not convinced - sometimes your body craves comfort food and for most people, comfort food is crap food.
Maybe when you get a craving you could write it all down? What you want to eat, why you want to eat it and how you think you will feel if you did eat it.

I find that it's usually boredom that drives me to eat, but then I know I will feel bad and like I've let myself down if I did eat it.

Failing that, brush your teeth cos you won't want to spoil your minty mouth! Plus if you did cave after that, it would taste gross and you wouldn't be able to eat as much of it as you wanted!:D


Fighting the bulge
As to 'if you're not hungry for free food then you're not hungry' then I'm not convinced - sometimes your body craves comfort food and for most people, comfort food is crap food.
I think the idea behind it is your body can crave comforts but your not TRUELY hungry if you wont eat anything else but the naughty food - the sentance is just what helps me personally, ive no idea how true it is.

According to studies your body craves the food it needs the content of ie. crave a banana need potassium. Not sure how true this is mind!!
I'm too in this position. At my 6 week mark today and I'm stuck at losing the last lb to have lost a stone. It's the weekends that do it to me which doesn't make sense, I have more time to cook and exercise but I just want to sit on my ass! I follow SW really well in the week, even plan ahead what I'm going to have but at weekends I totally lose it. I've found SW really easy otherwise and it's the longest I've ever stuck to a 'diet'. Last week I made the Superfood slimming soup (had it for 4 days and that was at half the recipe), from Monday (morn) to Friday (morn) I had lost 2 lb. Then came the weekend!!!
Thanks everyone! This has really helped to know that i'm not the only one.
The 'if you're not hungry for free food then you're not hungry' phrase will definately come in handy and even though i've never tried a chicken dhansak but i think i will!

It's so comforting to hear from all of you and thank you for your comments and support! :) :) :)
Someone has said on here (and thanks to whoever it was as its really helped me!!) if you're not hungry for free food, you're not really hungry

That is a brilliant quote. I hate that "nothing tastes as being slim feels", so anti HAES, which I strongly believe in.

Yours is just brilliant!
If you try all the above and you are still craving, why not just take a day out and go flexible. Have a white bread cheese sandwich followed by some haribos and a low syn Indian. Sw is supposed to be a plan for life and you need to find ways around your cravings or learn to manage them so they do not go out of control or take your off plan completely. A little of what of you want, could help to keep you on SW for life.
I too am at this point. I miss bread and cheese. Over Christmas i practically lived on cheese, biscuits and chutney. I totally ruined it for myself. Before xmas i lost 13lb in 5 weeks on SW, but convinced i could be good over the festive period i stopped following the plan for 4 weeks and put 8lb back on! Now back on plan it is coming off slower than before. This is a little depressing but at least it is coming off, my motivation is a picture of a little summer dress stuck to my fridge door. I don't want to spend another summer in jeans! I may save some syns up and treat myself to a piece of french stick at the weekend. My husband has just sat infront of me and demolished 1/3 of a whole french stick smothered in butter(not even spread, the real thing). My second motivation is that i will be considerably skinnier than him! lol


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I felt like this at the weekend, and gave in. I had chicken korma, rice and nan bread and lots of booze. It was bloody good and I really enjoyed it. I'm hoping its out of my system now, as I've been good since. I think you have to have what you really want now and again, so long as you don't give up completely and get back on track the next day.


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it's nice to read these, to realise we all more or less feel the same things. I'm currently on week 5 and have been fine with cravings, but i know eventually they'll come and bite me on the bottom.

i figure if you end up having a bit of a blow out, then so be it. just dust yourself off and get back on it the next day, and maybe step up some exercise to help. it'll come off eventually and you need to have a little of what you need now and then!


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I feel the exact same.

Coming up for 6 weeks on plan, and I had some chocolate for the first time since January at the weekend there.
I planned it, though, and bought a very small bar of Green & Blacks 70% cocoa dark stuff, and ate it VERY S-L-O-W-L-Y (nibble and leave to melt :D) over two nights.

As far as take-aways go, I still have them maybe once a week, but I'm happy to order a chicken tikka kebab and throw the pitta away, so that all I'm having is dry chicken tikka with salad, which is pretty low in syns and still tastes great.

It didn't help on Saturday night that we had visitors, and we laid on drinks and nibbles (nuts, nachos, crisps and biscuits) which were on display for over three hours, and had to be resisted at all costs!

Torture :mad: