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has anyone lost 8 stone??

hello everyone hope your all well :D

i was just wondering if anybody has done this diet and managed to loose 8 stone? im half a pound off 3 stone (WI tomoz) so ive got another 5stone to loose :cry:

i know everybody looses weight at different speeds but i was wondering how long it will take to shift another 5 stone?

do you think i will be done by july?

im also feeling really down at the minute not sure if its because im due on or because ive gone so long with out food, ive been 100% but im feeling very annoyed and upset that i seem to be missing out on social events with friends and having tea with my partner, i know its my own fault for getting this big and im so happy ive lost what i have but im just keep thinking i want to eat :(

and i went to the docs this morning because i still havent been to the toilet ( i posted in another thread) and you know what she said..................i need to come off this!!!!! no oh well done for losing your weight or anything! there quick enough to tell me im over weight but when im doing something about it im told to come off it i just cant win! so that upset me as well :cry:

anyway sorry to be so depressing on a friday night hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Stace xxx
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Hi Tubby, If u look in the insirational pics at the top there are loads of photos to inspire u, I remember seeing 2 ladies that both lost 12 stone each! I myself have about 8 stone to lose too, I think it is possible to lose it by July as they say roughly a stone a month. good luck!!! keep going :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Yep , if you keep at it 100% you will knock off the most of your weight by July. Just stay strong, the weeks really do fly by and the results are so worth it.
Hi Tubby,

I was able to loss 12 stone on this diet before Christmas.

You just have to stick to it, and keep going. I fell off the wagon and I'm right back on it now.

Good luck hun!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
I've lost 8stone on tfr :) And it took me 8monthsish - bang on average for what lt say.

do you think i will be done by july?
Realisticly, if you have only 5stone to go and say you want it done by 1st july then probably not. You will probably lose around the 4stone mark, possibly a bit more between now and then. But its defo realistic to think you could have that 5stone off by the end of July :)

Seriously, just keep at it. Everybody has times where they just want to cave in but it will make you feel much worse.

Can i just ask, is there any reason why you went to the doc because you havnt been to the loo? (i havnt read your other thread sorry) but i would reccomend ducolax - but only take one to start with as they are very strong :)
As well as the above, there is a Sticky by Betsy Botox at the top of the 100% thread that you might find inspiring. Good luck with it all. And lots of doctors support VLCDs for the clinically obese, recognising that for many they offer a lifeline in a battle in which all else has failed and they are significantly less risky than gastric bands. If she's not going to be supportive,find a new doctor.
Can i just ask, is there any reason why you went to the doc because you havnt been to the loo? (i havnt read your other thread sorry) but i would reccomend ducolax - but only take one to start with as they are very strong :)[/QUOTE]

hi hun i went docs cos ive not been for weeks and nothing seems to be working for me :( i think ive tried just about everything tho.

ive bought another tub of fibre clear and another pack of senacot so i will just have to keep taking them

thanks for all your replies it means alot, ive just had my weigh in and lost another 6.5lbs so im on a high at the moment. i no its the best diet ive ever been on and the results are amazing maybe you have low days when your on this diet its just all new to me i dont like feeling like this ( not that anybody does) im used to being happy and smiling. i will defo stick to it tho. and im not going back to my doctors ever lol. if i get to uncomfatable or get any serve pain then that is when i will stop (fingers crossed i wont tho )

Tubby well done on your loss. Only other thing i can suggest is psyllium husk. I am using it because others on here said it was good and it's working for me. They can't leave you as you are, your doctor sound like a waste of space.
Hope things get back to normal for you soon hun xx


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Ah ok! :) Well i hope you get some movement soon!

Brilliant loss this week and look at your ticker, you are just 1lb away from being half way done!! :D x
Hi Tubby! Your weight loss so far has been fantastic. As Summergurl said only one pound away from being half-way. I've got 8 stone to lose myself but luckily my doctor is much more supportive than yours! :mad:
I know what you mean about the social events. I felt very sorry for myself but my friends are great at saying things like ... Cor, you're so strong ... I wish I was strong-willed like you ... Even if it's BS, it makes you feel better when you're sitting there with your bottle of water and they're eating ... whatever! Our time will come!:eek:
Hi Stacey,

I lost 10 stone 7lbs with lipotrim, and it has totally changed my life! It can be tough at times, and it can ,make you feel like you are missing out on occasions and events, but just think how thrilled you will be once you reach your goal & you can wear gorgeous clothes! I suggest that you do some online browsing at outfits you would like to wear when you reach your goal, and maybe take some pictures of yourself so you can see how much you have changed.

Good luck
Clair x
awww i know im just feeling sorry for my self lol i will be ok i love coming on here all you guys are great :)

wow clair you have done amazing well done, i so hope i get to my goal soon

stace xx