Has anyone seen 'the plot'


Gone fishing
.... I seem to have mislaid it again :(:confused:

If you see it, can you chuck it my way please.

Thanky muchly :)
Aww. Not you aswell!

There must be a plot elf thief around.:(
I have a bit of it, hang on, half a plot thrown your way as we speak, ooops, hang on now youve got half the plot and ive got none!!!!
Okay...So Vicky has some of it and I reckon that bloomin' DQ and Isis has nicked the rest:mad:

Come on..... Who else has our 'plot'??

Speak up for yourselves ;)
Not me - my plot has buried itself under the North Sea and is playing possum.


Ahhhh. The 'plot' thickens. So who lives closest to the North Sea? We can blame them
Hi Karion I think I have found a small piece of it again...

I am holding on tight to it with my finger nails just now...

If you can squeeze onto this ledge your more than welcome to share my little bit:rolleyes:

But I have to warn you it is very unstable and the whole cliff could give way at any minute...

Perhaps though if enough members clung to it, we could actually form a mesh of minds and this might make it stronger and we could magic it all back again with the power of determination and support.

Here...just moving over a bit:)

Love Mini xxx
Okay Mini. Holding on and concentrating hard (so much easier when you are already stuffed:rolleyes:)

Okay...hang on...what am I supposed to be holding on to:confused:

Ahhh...yes, remembered now. Doh
;) I lost the plot so long ago it's nothing but a distant memory now!!!
Plot, what plot? You mean there's a plot. Oh boy, I'm doomed!
No plot here ........... but hoping it returns soon .......... it's a bit like kids you miss them when they're not around and can't wait to get rid of them when they are! Ok "Plot" I miss you ..... come back I'll treat you with more respect next time.
Some swine sneaked in when I was sleeping
And stole my plot when I wasn’t peeping
Its gone, its gone - wailed I in despair
I want it back, its sooooo not fair!

The plot is mine, all mine you hear
So give it back, I want it here
Whatever you want, whatever you say
Whatever ransom - I’ll pay, I’ll pay

I didn’t miss it, not at first
But now its just got worse and worse
The plot is gone, oh what to do?
Cos now I’ve lost my willpower too

Now just one of these is bad enough
With Christmas near and festive stuff
But to lose them both is quite a mess
So to Minimins I’ve must confess

Miss Chatterbox has come to say
“Just let them go, send them away
You don’t need them, you’ve got me now”
Oh my - is Miss CB a cow!

We must unite and fight the foe
Onwards and downwards me must go
I have a plan, which might be working
Don’t think plots gone, might just be lurking

So tonight in bed when I am sleeping
And once again will not be peeping
My plot will come back home to me
And I will hug him, gratefully

And in the morning I hope to find
Mr Willpower close behind
Might be the "season to be jolly"
But to lose them both is a major folly