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Has anyone used an intensive course to learn to drive?

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I'm ashamed to say that at my age (still the right side of 40...just!), that I've never learned to drive.
Losing weight has given me a lot of impetus to make some life changes and I've decided that I'd also like to crack the driving thing before I hit the big 40 :-D
I had 20 lessons about 2 years ago and was booked on for my theory test, but just gave up.
Have any of you used an intensive course (over a week) and passed your test?
Any advice appreciated!!!!
Thank you.
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Will be thin god dammit!!
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I have to say i was in the same boat as you a year ago, had the lessons a few years before. I looked into the intensive thing but its very expensive and to be honest i heard a lot of bad stuff about it.
So i found a teacher, took 2 lessons a week for 6 weeks and passed my test first time!
i think is you have already done lessons before you probably just need to brush up x


Will be thin god dammit!!
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Lol - I know what you mean, thats why i looked into the week course too, however Im glad i didnt do it now as i didnt feel the pressure i think i would have to do my test after just 1 week.
I mean what if at the end of the week you still cant get a grasp of something like reverse parking? You would still have to take the test cos its part of the package!


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Hi That's how i passed my test several years ago. Didn't have time as need a driving licence in a hurry (lng story!)Driving for a full week with 2 other people, then took my test on the 7th day. Passed.


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I am 41 next week and am taking lessons now I took maybe 5 or 6 lessons 14 years ago so it was like I was starting again I am in no rush tho Ive just been having 1 lesson a week I passed my theory in march and have my practical booked for July (9 week wait around here when you book!!)
never too late they say the older you are the longer it takes but i'm not bothered I will get there :)!

Good luck


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I was 38 when I took my test again, (failed at 17), I wouldn't have coped with the pressure of doing it in a week, but we're all different.
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Thanks for all of your replies!
I need to get my license for early Autumn, so may take Moomintrolljen's idea and have two or three lessons a week - less pressure but get it over and done with quite quickly!
Wish me luck!! x


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Im currently having lesson, I have a 2 hours every week. Got my theory booked for next friday - aarrgghh then she wants to book -me up for my test as the wait here is around 6 weeks!

Couldnt do an intensive week -i would feel to pressurised! xx


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Yes, we are all different and we all have different pressures. I was a lot younger, had just split up with my abusive boyfriend and had to be mobile fast, so that focussed my mind. I would't recommend it as it was very stressful.
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when I was 17 I did one and my instructor fell asleep on a few times. I failed but I failied 4 non intensive to. I'm hoping to start again in summer and hoping now i'm older I will get though. my instructor told me I knew how to drive and there was nothing else he could teach me I just needed to get though a test.
can anyone recomend a company to go with. I always went with bsm before.
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Thanks for all of the replies!
I've just returned from my first lesson in two years!!!
I've decided to do around 3 2hour lessons per week - theory booked and will book my full test as soon as I have that.
I was amazed at how much I remembered!!! Drove through the city centre and out to a couple of close towns/villages - even managed to get up to 55mph!!!!!!

Tinkerbellsmum - I've gone with someone local - a lovely guy, slightly older and very calm and incredibly positive - he moved me out of my comfort zone!!! I had lessons through bsm and aa before and would never go back to them (my opinion anyway!).

Hopefully all is going to be going forward from now on.
Thank again!

I trained a few years ago to be a driving instructor but ended up driving HGV's instead. I wouldnt recommend intensive courses, instead a few hours per week I feel is more beneficial. I took lessons for car, instructor, and HGV class 2 all this way whereas I took HGV 1 intensively and still have little confidence driving as I dont feel I had enough tutition.

Good luck whichever you choose x

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