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has this happened to you

Hi All
Today whilst waiting in hospital for my husband to have his knackers off ( i can say this as i will probably never meet any of you) i suddenly felt faint, my hearing went muffled and i really thought that i was going to pass out, i had to sit down of course my hubby thought that i was trying to up stage him..... but joking apart. it really frightened me, i've also had a headache for the last few days
has anyone experienced this ?
i don't want to come off the diet yet, but don't want to risk my health
Thanks Sam
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Hey, he should've been fainting not you:eek:

Seriously though Sam, I suffered from dizzy spells quite a lot, still do but now it's down to low blood pressure following my op. Keep drinking loads of water and when you get up, from a chair or out of bed, do it slowly, don't just jump up suddenly. I can't remember at what point it stopped happening but I guess that it must've ......when you think people pay to feel that light-headed!
Hey Budkin,

I'm in a similar boat to you. I had a funny spell on Monday when I was on the tube. I suddenly came over really faint, jumped off the tube at the earliest opportunity, managed to get outside before passing out on the steps...People immediately told me to come off the diet, but I'm almost certain it was my high caffeine intake (I had about 10 cups of black coffee the day before), so I've switched to decaf and i'm hoping it won't happen again. Could this also be the same for you? I really don't want to come off this diet either as seeing some really good results.

I hope you're feeling better x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Don't panic about this. On TFR the calorie intake is very low so occasionally you will have dizzy spells when you either do too much, or move too quickly or are a bit stressed as you would have been today. Keep up your water intake and don't worry about it unless it is happening all day every day.
Thank you girls!!
i will do all of the suggested. and stick with it, i don't want to have come this far, and have to quit now, i need to be in the 11's before that happens,
looking forward to Friday weigh in, hopefylly i won't have to crawl there in my knees
Gorgeous photo Sam x
That did happen to me in my second week, i just had to lay down i felt so faint, but it never happened to me again, give it a bit more time and you will be fine
Thank you Sandra
This photo was taken 3 years ago, with my Beautiful daughter Lily when she was age 2
i don't know how i managed to get it on the wrong side of the page though, mind you it did take several attempts, so i'll leave it where it is
Hi Trose
I've had two days of feeling really crappy, up to this point it's been plain sailing apart from the hunger, i hope that i feel better tomorrow, i suppose that near starvation takes it's toll,

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