have i had a brainwave or is this completly a NAFF idea?


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hi all...haven't been around for a while. but have kept popping in now and then.....

now then....in my insommnia state last night...i had a fab idea...what do you think?..i thoiught it could be fun for my CD clients...would you partake if your CDC dreamed this mad idea up?

well.........here goes..........
at Christmas we all get a present we dont really want or need...could be some sox, from Gran or toiletries from a mate a work, or a tea cosy hand kintted from Auntie Edna etc....could be anything really..

how about if in the New Year i get all my CD clients to donate something....anything non foody.. and put everything into a big 'hamper'...then whoever loses the most during a certain period of time wins the entire contents of the hamper.

Good idea or Naff?...before i try to organise it.......

love you all....mwahhhhhh...happy crimbo and all that
I think it is a cool idea...bit of fun and all that and it is surprising what one thinks is naff another thinks it is cool.

I am all for passing on unwanted presents...

Love Mini xxx
Hiya Db
I also think it's a great idea :D

Lovely to see you on the boards, havnt heard from you in ages..

How's things??
hi all, hi Geri

yeh, im fine, got a rotton cold at the moment, and a party to go to tonight, so hope my nose stops running in the next 10 hours!! still in me size 12s although about 1/2 stone over goal weight..never mind will get that off again in the newyear.

i will mention the hamper to my diet club peeps when i see everyone next week, see what they think. its something we used to do in SW club..only everyone brought a peice of fruit and the slimmer of the week took away the fruit basket
Ahh DB
hope you have a great time at the party despite your cold. there's soo much of it going around this time of year...

Well done to you on still being in your size 12's great stuff.... You'll have that half stone off in no time :)