Advice, could I have a thyroid problem or is it just my anxiety?

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I am looking for your opinions please.

I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and have taken medication for this for about 4 years. Not sure if all the meds work or not, cos over the years seem to be getting worse not better. Recently started counselling (have had 2 sessions, allowed 4 more) with CBT but have yet to see any difference yet, in fact all I have to show is a relaxation CD.

Anyhoo, I have been following SW since August 2011, and over 95% of the time I am 100% on track, only ever had an odd couple of weeks in that time where I have had a day or two off for a birthday or Xmas. I have only just lost 1.5 stone, and in fact last week after having an evening out with friends and a few drinks gained 3lb. I write everything down, have loads of superfree and speed foods, try to eat most red days, and never go over on my syns, but i still have not lost last weeks 3lb. In fact I am possibly looking at a STS or another small gain this week.

I am now the same weight as the beginning of december, a few small weight losses and then lots of weeks with small gains. I don't seem to be able to lose weight 2 weeks in a row. I go to the gym 3 times a week and use vibration plates.

I am always just so tired, exhausted and cold and my C keeps telling me to go to the doctors. Problem I have with this is everyime I do go to the DR's with any problem thy just tell me it is my anxiety, tell me to take my meds and push me out of the door. So I have not been to the Dr's in over a year, just get my meds on repeat prescription.

Sorry for the long post, but just wondered if you think it could be something medical with me for not losing weight or is it just likely to be my anxiety kicking in and making me feel this way.

Thanks for getting to the end, lol
Hi, sorry to hear about the anxiety i struggle with anxiety based illness too I have OCD, why have they limited how much cbt you can have? it also doesnt sound like your doc is very understanding, some people are quick to blame things on anxiety i have really bad back pain i saw a specialist who told me the pain was all in my head the moment she found out about the anxiety and from that moment on spoke to me like i was a 3 year old, even though before i told her that she said i had a deffo back problem!? lol

its worth having a check-up your doc should at least want to see you once for a check-up in a year if they are prescribing you meds, Do you get enough iron in your diet that could be a reason your feeling tired and exhausted? I would book an appointment with the docs and air your concerns with them, if they push you out the door and dont listen to you then id prob look at finding another doctor :)

sorry to be so personal but its not poss you could be pregnant is it? tiredness and weight gain could indicate a bun in the oven too.

hope everything goes ok for you :)
Lol, no pregnancy, have been sterilised 15 years ago when I was 27.

I am only allowed 6 counselling sessions because there is such a demand on NHS services in my area, I had been on a waiting list for almost 2 years before I got to the top, so the sessions are capped.
I would insist on a second opinion at the Docs just for your peace of mind. It's a nightmare when you see a doctor who tries to relate EVERYTHING to your anxiety (I'm a sufferer myself).

BUT, if I could recommend one single thing to you regarding your anxiety, it would be 'The Linden Method'. Look it up and you'll never look back.

Wishing you well xxxx
Ask your GP to send you for a blood test for thyroid problems, and it should pick it up if you have one. When I was diagnosed with depression it was discussed I could have problem with my thyroid and got sent for BT, came back there was nothing wrong so it was ruled out

Hugs to you xx
I have hypothyroidism and suffer from depression/anxiety/stress. It comes as part of the condition. Your symptoms do sound as though a blood test is warranted to check. Go to the Dr's and maybe write down your symptoms......easy to forget when you're in dr's and White Coat syndrome kicks in!
When my levels are wrong my most noticeable symptom is hair loss........I am always tired but suffer from insomnia lol (hence posting at this time!)
My blood has been tested again and at mo levels are "satisfactory". My weight loss is slower than others but I am resigned to this - have lost 1 stone in 8 weeks (and haven't been on plan 100%!)
hope you feel better soon x
Tell your doctor you want to be checked. After all its your body and you usually know when something isn't right. Your slow weight loss could be that you just lose slow, i know I do, and my thyroid has been checked (tbh theres not much of me that hasn't be checked). Tiredness etc could be cos you are worrying. But its worth making your doctor test you just to set your mind at rest.