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Extra Easy Have I totally messed up??


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Hi guys im new to this forum and was after some support and advice. I started slimming world on 14th of sept not long ago i know. i have done slimming world before and lost weight but this time round i have a lot of weight to lose!! nearly 4 stones!!! anyway it was all going well and i weighed myself today and have lost 2.4lbs which i know is good. BUT.... today i had freinds around and i scoffed a few slices of pizza! i feel sooo bad and im totally depressed. do you think ive messed up? your advice and support would be so appriciated thanks in advance.:cry::cry:
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No, You haven't messed up. Aslong as you have been sticking to the plan. Don't feel like you have messed up, just think of it as a naughty treat and get straight back on plan. Use your syns for the pizza you did eat. Eat more fruit and drink plenty of water. You will be fine I am sure.



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S: 14st9lb C: 12st3lb G: 11st6lb Loss: 2st6lb(16.59%)
Thankyou soo much for that, i really want to lose 2 stones by xmas i really hope i do, and to be honest i have never felt this guilty after eating the wrong foods! im hoping this is a good sign and i lose this flab once and for all!!!xxx
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Have a search on here for Flexible Syns - tot up how many you've used, draw a line under today, get back on the wagon and cut down your syns over the next few days :)

We're all learning, don't worry, I'm sure everyone will have blips. Just don't let it ruin your resolve to lose weight just by having one bad day.


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Hiya Naz I agree NO you haven't messed up at all, a few slices of pizza wont hurt. Perhaps depending on how many syns you have used so far I would maybe try to use less over the next few days.... damage limitation!

.... and this is totally true... the first week I joined SW it was my friends b'day and we went out for dinner.... I was good with the main meal totally SW friendly.... roast chicken, jacket potato and veg.... but she wanted a pudding and persuaded me to have one too, after all it was her b'day.... so I did..... I had banoffee pie.... with TWO ice cream size dollops of CLOTTED CREAM!!!! Well when I got home I was sooo angry with myself.... I might as well have got the clotted cream and rubbed it straight onto my thighs!!!! What did I do that for..... but you know I stuck to the plan for the rest of the week and and and ..... I lost 4lb! Not the best loss I know but what with the clotted cream disaster I was quite pleased..... so after all that rambling.... what I'm trying to say is don't blow it... all is most definitely not lost. Also like someone suggested to me very very recently after my mishap, try increasing your superfree foods and definitely keep glugging that water xxx


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messed up what??

the day? - probably
the week? - possible but probably not
your weight loss journey? - definitely not

It is one meal out of 21 you will eat this week so chill out a bit
Just work out how many syns it and take them from your weekly allowane and then adjust how many syns you eat for the rest of the week - you may not lose this week but it is not the end of the world

Taking your syns on a weekly basis is different from flexible syns though so for the future you may want to look into how flexible syns works
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No you haven't messed up. Count it as a flexi day and crack on with the rest of the week. Don't see it as a failure or you will end up having a bad week. Xx
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You have absolutely not messed up - everyone overindulges now and then, but to some people (mainly thin people!) it doesn't register on their radar and they get straight back to normal eating... for others (those who struggle with their weight) they see it as a disaster and seeing as they've blown it, they might as well eat the cake/chocolate/ice cream/pizza/takeaway etc etc...

It's not the pizza that would be your undoing, it's what you do AFTER that... if you get straight back on plan, and perhaps cut your syns a little for the next few days, you will be fine. Remember we are in this for the long haul, and we sometimes will be tempted by naughty foods, but as long as the rest of the time we are on plan, we will be fine!
I know this may sound like a cliche, but what you've got to remember is this is supposed to be a lifestyle change, not a diet!
There will be times when your friends will get pizza, there will be birthday parties with cake and alcohol! Aslong as you're not attending events like this every week and going crazy, you'll be fine.
Personally I have a day off plan once in a while. It does no harm, as long as I don't go overboard!
Seriously, don't worry about it! You shouldn't expect yourself to be good 100% of the time. A blogger called *B(i)tch Cakes* once said "It's perseverance, not perfection, that gets you to goal".


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nope absolutely not messed up!! these things and extras every now and again happen,thats life and as someoner else said sw is a lifestyle/healthy eating change rather than a 'diet'.
the important thing is that you jump right back onto sw now.

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