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Have not been on in awhile .Need to get back on track

Hi all i haven't been around lately with the Christmas and me generally being a bit on the bold side :sigh:.I dinnt have a bad Christmas in that i generally stuck to the Atkins principles with the odd breakout .Mt biggest vice has been baileys :eek:Not chocolate or cake or bread but baileys .I rediscovered a taste for the stuff but thankfully the bottle in gone now and forgotten .

Anyway i am loathe to get on a weighing scales as i hate them and usually weigh in once a month and go by my clothes ,The clothes are a little tighter and i feel more bloated than weight gain .

My question is this .I don't think there is too much damage but i can seem to will myself back to induction.I am happily going along eating as i do on maintenance no issues and i am wondering is this enough or do i really have to cleanse and do induction .I am hoping that once the evil foods are cut out again that i will be ok and the bloating will go .

Any advice on this plan of action .
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Clean green leafy machine
Hi Ali

Welcome back! If you're happy with maintaining, then keep doing that - but I really like Jim's approach, when he has put on a bit, he goes straight back on strict induction for a week or two and bingo, he's back at goal - when I (eventually) get to goal, that's what I plan to do :)
Thanks a million for the reply .Yes i think i may have to go back to induction really to kick start things again .Its my first breakout since starting atkins and reaching goal .Plan of action is to eat as i am maintenance this week as i am housebound toilet training my youngest son and dont think i could manage induction also :D.He is back in school next monday and i will hit induction with a bang


Clean green leafy machine
Good plan! And good luck with the potty training :)
Hey Alibabs,

Almost in the same position as you. Meals-wise I stuck to meat, veg but went a bit (VERY!) doolally on the chocs and liqueur - resulted in me putting about 4-5lb on. Totally need to get back on track and am going to do a Jim - a period of strict induction! Only thing is I'm edging myself there so my body doesn't recoil in fright!
Exactly like me Michael this week i am cutting out all processed foods etc including alcohol .I have 3 tins of sweets i need to find a good home for but thankfully i did not eat them .I am still having nuts and some 85% cocoa chocolate at night but will gradually phase these out .I need to do a large shop for induction and load up on good foods .I avoided all bread ,potatoes etc which was easy as i just don't like them any more but i found a love for parmesan crackers and cheese and while the cheese is ok the crackers are not .I will gradually phase out throughout the week and be ready for next monday .I also need to up water intake as this has been really bad and was never great to begin with
Mmmmmm.............Baileys! I drank a bottle over Christmas! Cheese and crackers got me too. Haven't really eaten bread for nearly 8 years now and if I do have some, boy by body tells me off for it!

I too like Jim's approach. Strict induction and nip it all in the bud, hopefully I'll get there someday!
Hi Ali, I went on induction for a week before Christmas, and I'm back on induction now. I feel great this morning. :)
Thanks all .Easing my way back in . The sticks were pink last night and a niggling headache so on the way hopefully .Starting to feel a bit better all ready . Lots of boiled eggs today :DI find these great if i get the muncies


Never give up
Eggs are brill - couldn't survive without them here. Sounds like you're heading in the right direction Ali. :)