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having a wobble!


I can do this............
Hi guys right where do i start!

I have been doing sw for 6 weeks now and have had some fantastic losses which i am really pleased with but i am finding that i am suffering with loss of appetite. i do drink loads of water and wee constantly! lol! But when it comes to meal times i make a big dinner and i just cant eat much of it! Which for me is a shocker!

I love doing the diet but i am finding it a bit depressing as i want to enjoy my food. Since starting i have really enjoyed cooking diffrent things and it is not like i dont vary my menu's. i really do want to lose weight this time and im 100% sure that slimming world is the diet for me as i have lost every week. I know i shouldnt be moaning as i am obviously doing it right but just wondered if this is normal?

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I can do this............
Thanks Kristin its very nice to be reassured! Im sure im doing ok and the fact i cant eat as much i should see as i good thing rather than a negative. It finally means i control the food not it controlling me!

I just need to get that into my mind now! Lol!
i get the same problem sometimes i could probably go the whole day just eating 1 meal and a muller light but obviously that wouldnt be too healthy. so i feel like im forcing myself to eat breakfast ofa morning etc :(


Is so very nearly there!
I cant do brekkie in the morn and then force food down (only fruit normally!) its good dont need big meals!

You are doing fabby! x


I can do this............
thanks for the encouragement ladies really does help! woke up this morning with a banging hangover! but i am determined to make it work! thanks again!

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