headaches & water struggles


finding my way again !
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i have had a banging headache 3 days in a row now, unfortunatly i am struggling on the water front,i find ordinary water boring, have gone off the water flavourings & my local asda's allways seem to be out of stock of the red apple still drink & i don't like sparkling water.
any other ideas ?
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Hope your headache soon disappears. The water intake will be able to help, have you tried warm water I find it goesdown easier, especially in this cold weather.


Need help
Try drinking the water through a straw as it helps some people as you can consume more and quicker.:)
It has made it easier for some people that I know who have tryed it. :)

Nick :D :D


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I buy spring water as it has a nicer taste.

The reason you have a headache is because your not drinking enough.

Love Mini xxx