Morning from Tipperary


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It is a lovely morning here in Co. Tipperary.
I am about to have breakfast, feed the hens and ducks and then bring the dog for a walk.

I am female, short, fat and unfit. At only 151cm (that's under 5 feet) any weight at all makes me very dumpy. All the females in my family are the same, I have often said we would make very good hobbits.
I am currently 80.5 kilos which gives me a BMI of 35.3, really not good. As a teen a in my 20s I was always slim and superfit, weight started to creep on in my 30s, I am now 49. About 6 years ago my weight hit 84 kilos and over 9 months I got down to 64 kilos. It took a HUGE amount of work and every day was a constant battle with it. The weight has slowly come back, I put it down to lifestyle choices, I eat too much, I drink too much wine and I have a sedentary lifestyle.

I now have some minor health issues, I have low thyroid and high cholesterol. The thyroid does affect my energy and makes it harder to lose weight. All of my family have type 2 diabetes, I don't but need to be aware I could have. We are that roundy shape with all the weight at the front, the females are also big boobed. That means I take a UK size 14 in jeans but a size 20 in a shirt...crazy.

I have made some slow food changes over the years, I don't drink any caffeine. In fact the only things I drink are herbal tea, water and good French wine...too much good French wine. And then the wine leads to too much bread and cheese. I never eat dessert but I do like cake and biscuits as a snack with some peppermint tea. I prefer savoury to sweet and loves crisps and crackers with cheese. I don't like fish or red meat, I never have. I am not a vegetarian, I will eat chicken and ham but many of my meals seem to be very carb based, pasta with sauce and cheese and garlic bread.

So I have decided I need to eat and drink less and exercise. So in the past week to prepare for this I have my feet assessed and had insoles made, my arches have fallen and my left foot is turning. This was making walking a bit sore.
...bought new walking shoes new wellies that with my insoles make walking the fields with the dog easier
...taken out a yearly membership of the local leisure centre. Its about 7k away and has an excellent pool and gym. I tend to use the pool only but do aqua jogging which is like a full body workout.
...bought and tried some Konjac noodles for lower carb based meals, they seem fine and I am happy to eat them so have planned some meals around them
...weighed myself. I am now 80.5 kilos, my ideal weight is 50 kilos. I know at 74 kilos I feel great and look so much better and can buy "regular" clothes.

My goals are....
To reach 78 kilos by end of May
To have bloods tested then to check cholesterol, thyroid and sugars.
To walk 15km each week
To swim 100 lengths each week
To feel more supple, right now my legs and back are very stiff and sore and not flexible in any way
And to reach 70 kilos by the end of the summer

I find it very hard to follow prescribed diets or be a member of a club so hope to get support here. I do get motivated by hearing success stories form others. I also find it difficult to get the amount of protein I need. I have been advised by three different complimentary therapists that raw foods are bad for me so I hope to base my meals around soups and stir frys. I love savoury breakfasts so would love suggestions for healthy ones, most have been egg based.

So, that's me and I hope to log on most days to catch up. Though this is a VERY big forum and a little overwhelming right now, I am sure I will find my way.
Back from my "wellie walk". 3.5km through the fields with the dog.
I have had a look around the forum and now really keen to get going and make my ticker move