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Healthier options from take aways?

Hi All,

Mine and my hubbies downfall is takeways. He's 6ft 5 and can eat anything and not put on weight. But mine always creeps up.

I know watching him tuck into a curry is going to be painful. I can't stop him from having them. He doesn't drink, smoke or go out alot. So it's his treat.

So is anything like a jacket potato a good choice? And if so what should I have in it? Beans or something?

I'm clueless about all this :(.
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Jacket pot is fine with beans or any low fat option ie tuna.

Indian takeaway - opt for chicken tikka (there's no sauce just side salad and a raita - yoghurt dip -) or tandoori mixed grill (thats the same - no sauce) either are very tasty and I love them.

Chinese, stay away from fried rices, deep fried anything. Noodle dishes and stir fried dishes are the best option - chicken or prawns are a good choice too.

Hope this helps x


A little of everything!
...and with chinese, I ask them to prepare my food with no sauces- even the chow mein/stir-frys usually come coated in this 'glue-y' type sauce which I find bleurghh at the best of times! LOL!
And like Tarotwoman, I pinch off my hubby's plate if I fancy a little rice!
i find it difficult with takeaways, im a very very fussy eater, i dont like most veg, and on a thursday we usually have a chinese (paid for by my dad, so i cant say no)

I usually have Rice, chips, curry sauce and chicken balls. I know the chicken balls probably arent good for you, but am unsure how many calories are in them.

I recently substituted the fried rice for boiled. Im not sure how unhealthy and fattening my choice is. anyone any ideas?

Rachael x


A little of everything!
on a thursday we usually have a chinese (paid for by my dad, so i cant say no)
Er..why?!?! My family have takeaways 1-2 times a week and I never join in! I make my own dinner while they're collecting the food? (Usually a stir-fry so I don't feel like I'm missing out, but cooked healthily!)

As for your choices, well the boiled rice is a little healthier than the fried, but with CHIPS as well?? Do you have to ask if thats a good choice?? The curry sauce isn't great, but no sauces are so I guess it's whatevers the lesser evil I guess? Could you not try a dish like chicken & cashew nuts with the rice? Something with little veg, but no heavy sauces, and half the portion of rice?
Hmmm well the jacket is perhaps a good option...but I wouldnt recommend this as the last thing you eat at night...all those carbs are going to turn to fat whilst you are sleepin unless you have a habbit of running around the block before bed...can you not get some lean meat or chicken without too much sauce?
Dads are one of the few people you can be honest with. Ask your Dad if he will support you losing weight and if he says 'yes', Dads usually will! Ask him instead if he will save the takeaway money for you so you can spend it on clothes when you lose the weight.

When the others have the takeaway, you have your diet meal and take just a taste of someone elses - the first forkful always tastes the best.

Tarotwoman - I have been trying to google what would be the healthiest chinese option and Chicken and mushroom came up, do you know roughly how many calories would be in it?

I find when I get a take away its always a good idea to chuck the leftovers in the bin as soon as your full, I could never finish a full meal in one sitting so this stops me going back for more later and if i only eat half the meal I only need to count half the kcals!

I just wish my man could live on half a meal and we would share but he could eat about 2 full meals plus spring rolls, ribs, chips...... and still not gain a lb!!! So not fair!

To be fair my problem comes from the fact that the takeaways come on a thursday before anyone has managed to get the shopping in, so i end up just getting it out of lazyness :( i really shouldnt but it always manages to crack my willpower, its the one thing that does.

The other thing is im VERY fussy about what i eat (again my own fault really) so what i mentioned earlier is about all i like. I'm trying to just make it my cheat meal for the week as i do enjoy it so much, but unfortunately over this weekend it was mine and my boyfriends year anniversary, so ive went a bit mad on the takeaways.

Back to the drawing board :(

Rach x
Hi klizw,

I'm not sure of the calories of chicken and mushrooms but I remember from an old calorie book I had it was the least of the ones listed. The one I have now says that Chicken and pineapple is 310 cals so that is what I use for the Chicken and mushrooms. Pineapples have a few more calories than mushrooms so that's my logic. A rounded tbsp boiled rice is 40 cals and fried is 60.

That's a really good idea throwing it away when you've finished - I don't think I've ever not finished a chinese though!



Losing the mummy fat
Some really good tips there girls, thanks.
My OH can eat what he wants and not put on a single pound. I once left him to order the takeaway and do you know what he ordered me?
A cheese burger AND a huge mixed kebab on naan bread! No wonder im on a diet lol
Oooo you're all making me hungry now :p

Random but sort of related question - Does anyone know how many calories are in that bbq sauce you can get at the chinese? I love that over fried rice, but obv. now would have it with boiled... but I have no clue how bad it is? Or does anyone know how I can make something similar at home?

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