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HEB Cereals


Vegetarian who lives2eat
I used to have eggs beans toast when I first started,but have switched to 42g allbran for brekkie HEXa milk, and 2 boiled eggs at elevenses, really feel the benefit of the extra fibre in my diet and dont want to snack at all,try it for a day or two see how you get on.


Finding inspiration
I was having 28g of Weetabix Crunchy Bran (cos you get more of it by weight) but this week decided to change to Bran Flakes just for a change. I like making sure I get that fibre boost to my system. I usually go for the lighter cereals as you get more of it than the denser ones... but that's just me... I'm greedy :D

Saying that, I've had a bit of a brain [email protected] this morning and totally forgot to bring my cereal into work with me. *sob* :(
I either have porridge (28g) or Special K Sustain (28g). I find I'm less hungry during the morning if I have the porridge and I have to be really careful only to have 28g of Special K as it is very moreish.
I love the Honey Nut shredded wheat, for a change I put couple of tablespoons of Nat yog in a bowl, slice a banana and maybe some berries and then I crumble the HN shredded wheat on top. Makes a lovely sweet crunchy topping to my breakfast - ooh, looking forward to tomorrow morning already!!
I like Kellogs Fruit'n Fibre (28 g). My usual brekkie is either...
Sliced banana + blueberries and sliced Kiwi (or other fruit IE pineapple, Sharon fruit etc.), topped with ground cinnamon, 28 g Fruit'n Fibre and a Muller joghurt, hmmm :)

Or I have fruit as above + Weetabix (1 or 2, depending how hungry I feel). I do not use milk but just "soak" the weetabix in some water (just enough that they are soft, they should not 'drip', lol). Once topped with joghurt it's fine. This way I can save HexA for other things :rolleyes:

B. xx

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