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Hello! A student here :)

Hi :)

Long time reader, first time poster...:eek:

I started off with SW last summer...lost about a stone with some hiccups along the way. (It's been a huuuuuge learning curve managing a healthy diet whilst at uni and studying.) However my term time SW group disbanded in January and that lovely social hub of like-minded people has disappeared from my life.

Dieting at uni is one of the biggest difficulties I've encountered this year! All my housemates eat what they want, when they want! My boyfriend is hugely supportive and knowledgeable on this kind of thing but living apart, I can't always rely on him to keep me on the straight and narrow!

However I know exactly how SW works and so it's always in the back of my mind. I tend to only use a few syns on low-fat spread, tomato sauce etc and have a 'treat day' once a week as I STILL have a serious lack of will power and rarely keep treats in the house, as I simply gobble them up in one go!

Are there any other students on here trying to lose weight?

Littlecupcake x

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Hi and welcome to the forum

I remember the good old student days, I enjoyed it so much. So much so that I studied for 5 years.

It is very difficult to eat right while studying, but it can be done.

Try to take your own lunch to classes. And if you can't do that, just make sure that you choose healthier meals at the cafeteria.

And be sure to make use of the discounted or free gym that most Uni's offer.

I am doing weight watchers - so far so good.

Here's to us losing weight!


In it for the long haul..
Hi Littlecupcake!

I feel your diet pain - my time at uni was when I put a lot of my weight on. It's hard because there's so much social activity - and a lot of it includes drink or food.

Good luck though - Just keep positive and get the support you need from here and the friends you keep around you.

aims :) x
I find the days I have classes all day hardest to manage; I only take a record bag with me so not much room for free foods in there! At home it's a lot easier to be organised with what you eat. Sort of.


Full Member
I'm a student dieter so I know how you feel. All the girls in my block are tiny and can eat whatever they want, so I'm constantly being dragged along to girly meals at majorly un-diet-friendly places!

I'm exactly like you with the whole 'lack of willpower' thing as well. I can't ever buy treats for myself because I eat the entire thing in one go - I couldn't keep a tub of ice-cream in the freezer for more than a few hours! :eek:

Good luck with your diet!!
Hey! I'm a student!
I feel your pain...I'm always been invited out for meals and social drinks and either have to decline or pray there's something "good" on the menu, lol!
You just have to think about number one all the time though...me, me, me!!

Stick with it chick, in some ways it's the best time to diet, because (I find) I stall when I go home to Mum's cooking!!

Sam x
Hello! Yes I'm also a student dieter on SW and know all too well what you're going through. Especially when it comes to drinking. Everyone's doing it and compelling you to join along, otherwise you're the sober boring one. I learned to just fill my class to the brim with something like diet coke, and then add just a dash of vodka.

It'll be tough, but you CAN do it!
Hey I'm a student too - there's loads of us here! I had trouble in my first year as the group I went to near my uni was rubbish and I wasn't losing any weight. Can you try and find a group that's nearby? Or if you're going it alone then just visit here often for plently of support and advice when needed.

All the best :)
Welcome, nice to meet you, i can only imagine how hard it is dieting at uni, my friend gained loads while he was at uni, just joining in the social side, as it was always at a pub or meal out etc etc. Good luck with shifting those lbs.
Hi!! :)
Im student and im my 3rd and final year!! But seriously feel your pain wayyyyyyy to many temptations when your student all fast food and alcohol and your housemates dont help when they walk in with their dominos, and indians on a daily basis!!
When i joined uni in my first year i weighted 11st 8 then in my second shot up 15st 4 lol too much of a good time huh? I have been on weight watchers for almost, losing 74lbs in my first 5months and then just TRYING to maintaining (which i honestly believe is the hardest thing in the world!!) and as a result my weight is slowly creeping back on :(. Going back on it religiously tomorrow tho!! :D well thats the plan haha.

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