Hello! Day 1 for me x


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Hello :)

This is day 1 for me on ww.
I gave up smoking a year a go for the hundreth time, and like always put on weight. Infact 4 stone in very little time. So after losing nearly all of it, its started to creep back on. Over xmas i put gained a stone. so i am up to my heaviest again, and sick of been this weight. I feel all since having children I have struggled with weight. I have done all diets possible and taken silly tablets that dont work. I have done ww before and lost 2-3 stone, I really enjoyed it.

So today I start my new journey to the new me...and I determined not to smoke and I have not for over a year. SO treadmill out, weight watchers calculator out, here I come. Wish me luck!!
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Good on ya Lou, well done for kicking the smoking :D
If you can do that, no reason you can't get the weight thing nailed too!!

Good luck!


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Firstly, congratulations for kicking the smoking habit. It's tough to do and u did it. And as for the weight loss, you can do it!! WW is a fantastic plan and you will lose weight with it. i'll look forward to hearing about your losses and your journey in general. Good luck. Sophie x


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Hey, im on day one too, im sure will be able to beat the pounds on this plan and keep each other motivated.


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Well done on the quitting smoking hun.

Good luck on your weight loss journey too xx


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Congrats on stopping the cigs. I quit end of oct. Hardest thing ive ever done, but got there. True what they say though if we can quit them then we should be able to lose weight cos hunger pangs have nothing on nicotine cravings imho. Thats just my opinion though.

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congratulations on giving up smoking, and welcome to the site, and good luck on your weight journey, keep us posted on your weigh in.


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Thank you everyone! I dont have cravings for cigs just food..however i know thats its the cigs really, that is making me hungry.
My husband smokes but not in the house and i think he really smells after having one, so i know i can do without. I started smoking at 12 years old and stopped for every pregnancy. I am now 32..it was very difficult and i did it for my health and my children.

Well done to you all that have started on your journey to a new you xx