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hello everyone! room for a little one?

morning everyone. just stopping by to say hello.
I started at my local SW group on Monday night after doing the Cambridge Diet for a while. I've been to SW meetings before (the same group in fact) and I'm glad to be back! green days suit me perfectly because I'm a vegetarian and I love cooking from scratch. I also love the support of sw groups and I REALLY love the fact that there is so little weighing of foods and no point counting!
anyway, yesterday went really well and I stuck to plan 100% but I had 15 syns (I know you're allowed up to 15) but I would like to have a few less today just so that I don't rely on them so much. having too many syns was a downfall of mine before so I'm going to keep it in check this time.
anyway, must go get ready for work. wish me luck with sw today!!
keelie xx
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thanks everyone xx
I would recommend having your maximum syn allowance as if you do hit a plateau with your weight loss, you can cut back on your syns. I have at least 10 a day and so far my losses are still steady.

Good luck on your SW journey xx
good plan! it makes sense. thanks! xxx
Good luck on SW hun ! xxxx
good morning everyone. just a quick update to let you all know that I've had a great week. I've stuck to sw 100% (apart from Saturday when we went out to great Yarmouth with friends- I didn't go too overboard tho, just had an icecream and half a portion of chips)
WI is tonight and I'm really looking forward to seeing how I've done. I've also been walking everyday between 2 and 5 miles and yesterday I went jogging for the first time since school! it nearly killed me but I'm going to build it up slowly. ( walk for 2 minutes run for 1 then walk for 2 etc over 2 miles)
I'll let you know what the scales say later!
have a good day everyone!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Good luck for tonight Hun! Welcome!
Good luck tonight :)

I have found my syn intake is lower when I make sure I eat enough at meal times... means I snack much less between meals :) I try to stick to about 10 a day, most days I do use them all though and I'm having no probs whatsoever - in fact I haven't had to cut them back yet and I'm only 2lb from Target!

Will be looking out for your update later! x
I lost 2.5 lbs! and I'm very pleased!!

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