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Hello everyone


hoping for a good loss
Am not currently on any diet, but seriously looking into following Cambridge. Have researched it a little and am really scared I will struggle to follow such a low cal diet.

I struggle to lose weight as I constantly cheat on any diet I do. Seem to be in self destruct mode the whole time so feel a diet where the idea of food is taken away from me is the best route to take. However I have visions of my husband (who is very supportive) saying....here we go again.

Have used this site before for support of different diets, but always fall off the wagon. Sorry, am waffling now

Can't seem to find anywhere that gives an idea of current costs, can anyone help me out.

Need to contact a local counsellor. Will put it on my list of jobs for tomorrow.

Sorry for this nonsense thread, just need help. Am so unhappy inside

Charlie x
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Hi Charlie,
I'm in the same boat as you - i've tried and failed almost every diet out there. I can't be much help with costs because i've only just joined the site and i'm starting on the 4th January, but i'm sure i'll be on this forum all the time getting support for bad days and showing and giving support to other people on their bad days. I've got my wedding coming up, and its something to look towards and work for, have you got a special occasion, or a time where you can think 'I need to be slim'? I find it easier if someone is doing it with me, so I can really stick to it, but i'm quite competative, and get down if the other person loses more than me, and thats when i fail, so i'm going alone on this one.

Keep your head high and keep telling yourself you CAN do it x x
Cambridge is approx £38-47 per week it varies

Cambridge is the only diet that has worked for me and I was a serious choc and takeaway fan

If I can do this anyone can!

Good luck x


hoping for a good loss
Thankyou to Louby and Mrsessex for replying, I really appreciate it.

Well I have phone a counsellor in my area and going to visit on Thursday.

Here's to a good new year
Hi Charlie & Louby !
Hey, I second Mrs Essex !!! I have tried every diet known to man (or woman !) and failed each and every one. Yes, I lost the odd half a stone occasionally, but it was always soooooo hard !

Cambridge was my very last attempt at weight loss and I can honestly say its been the easiest most rewarding weight loss plan I`ve ever followed.

I started in Feb this year, and fell off the wagon twice for holidays, but now, firmly back on, I`m steaming ahead until I reach my target.
I`ll prob have 4 days off for xmas, but thats it.

The first few days are the hardest, but by no means painful !!!
Go for it girls, you can do it !!!!


hoping for a good loss
thankyou macy12. Am getting quite excited about it now. Will just have to budget carefully or else dh will have a fit.

The lady I called seems to be really lovely and I think I am really going to like her. Along with using you people for support I am sure I can do it this time - I certainly need to


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I never thought in a million years I would be able to stick to this diet, but it is almost too easy. You kind of just settle into it and the weight flies off. I have lost 6 stone, and have the odd blip, but on the whole have no problems at all, and because there are quite big consequences when you cheat (eg, if you were fool enough to have a chinese, potentially you could be 3 pound heavier the next day), you just don't. Even when I do have a social meal out, it is usually white fish and green veg, and even that is a major treat.

If you can get in the right frame of mind, and commit wholeheartedly this is the best diet in the world.


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It does require a big commitment, but it really is the only diet that has worked for me, and seeing the pounds melt away helps motivation. The cost was always a big issue for me, and an excuse for not doing it for months! but i figured i spent over that on other diet clubs and fruit and veg... not to mention take aways if i was cheating! so really its great value for money!! love it!


hoping for a good loss
Thanks everyone. Well I have been to meet my CDC this morning and she seems great (even told her about this site)

Am looking a starting beginning of Jan. Have the leaflets to read and the form to get Gp to sign. Now need to start preparing myself and upping the water intake .

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