hello everyone


New Member
Hi everyone glad i have found this website !!
Am living in middle east and doing slimming world online.
I gained two stone last year and was in total denial !!when i moved here and my work friends where all around eight stone tiny and really pretty i thought i am NOT going to be the fatty of the group.
So i started gym doing classes almost every night and eating no carbs but it didnt work for me,remembered i had lost weight before on slimming world so i signed up online and lost six pound in my first week i was gobsmacked !!!!!
So far so good even though christmas and new year i didnt do it but back in track and feeling great.
Also just started xenical , you can get anything here without prescription not sure if i need it or not ??????
But it all helps :) ,
looking forward to speaking to you guys and hearing how your doing !! xxxxxx
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