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Hello Exante...bye bye 70lbs. :)


Is a woman on a mission.
Thank you. x x

Well done on your weight loss so far Chic...keep up the good work. x x x x


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Welcome. Wishing you all the best on your Exante journey x


taking it 1 day at a time
Welcome and all the best.
Welcome Boo...like you I want to be sexy and confident again and in the words of Obama - YES WE CAN!
Welcome and Good Luck.
Make sure you pop on here often for bucket loads of support from all these wonderful exante peeps.
Sexy is a state of mind... ;)

It's not easy at the best of times, but hang in there. Look for the small victories rather than the big picture.

Best of luck ;)


Is a woman on a mission.

Thank you everybody for the encouragement...hopefully I will be chatting to you all a lot more. x x

Today has gone well. 4 Shakes, plenty of water and a few cups of coffee.
I also power walked for an hour in the sunshine...hope we get more days like today...it has been beautiful.
I removed most carbs from my diet for a few days running up to starting Exante as I am hoping to limit withdrawal headaches...so far so good!

O/H is sat on couch at the moment eating a chocolate trifle oblivious to my hunger pangs.
But my pangs for slimdom are greater, so I will just toddle off to bed to snuggle up with a good book.

Have a great tomorrow y'all.

Boo x x


Is a woman on a mission.
First weigh in day tomorrow...it has been a low carb and part Exante week (waiting for my shakes to come) but I am hoping for a reasonable loss as I have been soooooo good. :)
Wish me luck!

Have been out on my bike in the sunshine, walked to work rather than get the bus, guzzled 3 litres of water a day and ignored all the cakes and buns at work. :p

I had a bit of a headache yesterday but today it has shifted and I feel quite energetic.
It's a tidy up day today...I was meant to be cleaning the oven (bugger that - it's too nice to stay in and scrub grease) so I may mow the lawn instead.

I have frozen myself a Pepsi Max lolly for later on when I am sat in the garden reading a glossy. Yum yum!

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine.

Boo x x
I'm enjoying the sunshine too but have to say I was gutted this morning cause didn't know what the hell to wear to work! Nothing summery fits me anymore...arghhhh...and I refuse to buy anything new until I shift some weight. Feeling very determined as a result.



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oooh i know the sun makes me feel more determined to loose the weight so i can buy some summer dresses and feel good in them :)
keep up the will power your doing great :)


Is a woman on a mission.
Thanks girls. :hug99:

That's great Gil...you can't fit in to any of your clothes in a good way lol.
Congrats!!! I know what you mean about not buying any more clothes until you lose more weight...they will just be wasted.

Yes Jubles Summer is great for losing weight...I am looking forward to wearing a pretty girly dress too...reckon I may be waiting a couple of months for that though. Hopefully Summer will last that long this year lol.




Is a woman on a mission.
Really pleased to say...after a week of low carbing and then onto Exante WS I have lost 7lbs. I am very chuffed and it has spurred me on to week two. :)

I had the banana shake today made up with fibre husks and crushed ice...it was just like a McDonalds milkshake....yum yum.

Another lovely sunny day...I am now popping out to do some gardening and burn a few cals in the process.

Have a great weekend peeps. x x


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woop woop well done on your loss :)

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