Hello.... Hoping to gain motivation and support....

Hi all, I have lurked on mini mins for a long time. A one time user years ago. The aspiration has never changed...to find a skinnier me. I am a mum of many kids....the wide hips and the cushioned bum are a dead giveaway. It was my birthday this week and I am determined that before my next birthday that I will lose the extra weight. I no longer remember what skinny me looks like. But I am going to do my damndest to try and find her.
I admire so many of the minimins users, the dedication they have shown. It's nice to read 'normal' stories rather than glamourised stories in magazines. I am not a big fan of weighing in public so instead I vow to weigh in once a week and report back on here. Feel free to nag me if I don't.
Today I stood on my sons scales for the first time in a long time (family with sports mad kids), the good news is the scales didnt tell me to get off. Instead they shouted 88.8, ironic as I am as big as three fat ladies according to Bingo. So there it is, my start to the twelve month trek. Am I skinny yet? The answer is NO!
I want to feel like I can get undressed in public....not literally stripping, just wear nice shorts and a vest top. Instead I hide and cook like a roast chicken under layers of long sleeved, long length clothes. Which by the way with the current weather I have had to invest in some industrial deodorant.
I hope there are people out there who will remain regular company along the way. All are welcome.
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Passion fruit

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S: 15st1lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 4st7lb(29.86%)
Hi, that's a very honest talk to yourself and is not dissimilar to the one I had with myself a while ago, we can do it :)

This summer after losing a little of my weight I've felt more like wearing summery clothes rather than covering up with layers like you mention. Just think by spring time you'll be ready to wear anything you like.. good luck
Thanks Passion Fruit, looking forward to skinnier me in Spring. Your weight loss is fab, well done! :0clapper::bestwishes::0clapper:
Today I was sooooooo good. Very proud of myself. Instead of caving to my usual chocolate craving....... I tidied a cupboard. At this rate I will be an obsessive compulsive cleaner.....don't worry it hasn't happened yet. Today I had another wake up call, we went out....I had to put on my coat. I couldn't fasten it!!! Literally couldn't get the two parts of the zip meeting due to the flabdominals. So embarrassing. I last wore that coat in April. Good job I am trying to sort this out.
I am not a gym person....mainly because I would look daft working out in layers.
I am not on a particular diet like WW , other than watching portions and not eating more than about 1600 calories. I don't enough about other diets. But I am willing to learn.
How long has your weight loss taken? What diet are you on?
Would be good to have some company and inspiration:)